What’s Cookin’

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Dishing with chefs at eight of Savannah’s newest restaurants. Photography by Jason B. James




Grilled venison loin chop over polenta all’Amatriciana

@ La Scala

by executive chef David Landrigan and chef de cuisine Stephen McLain

Ramps, in season for only a few weeks every spring, accompany this dish— while they last

$38, on the menu at La Scala, opening in May, 119 E. 37th St., 912.443.1875

Pulled pork nachos

@ El Coyote

by executive chef and managing partner Landon Thompson

Served sheet-pan style in one single layer, so there’s never a dry chip

 $12, on the menu at El Coyote, 1 W. Victory Drive, 912.236.5737  

Tuna melt

@ East End Provisions

by executive chef Neil Youngblood

An elevated riff on the old-school tuna melt 

$12, on the menu at East End Provisions, 420 E. Broughton St., 912.335.5522 

Chicken shoyu

@ Akedo Ramen

by executive chef and managing partner Landon Thompson

Traditional ramen with wood-fired chicken and homemade noodles

$12, on the menu at Akedo Ramen, opening in May, 1 W. Victory Drive (in the southern annex of El Coyote), 912.236.5737

Chargrilled pork loin

@ The Fitzroy

by chef de cuisine Cameron Dempsey

The pork chops and applesauce you wish your mom used to make

$20, on the menu at The Fitzroy, 9 Drayton St., 912.777.4147

Welcome Home Platter

@ Edgar’s Proof & Provision

by chef de cuisine Vernard Flowers

A fusion of spicy, smoky and sweet flavors

$14, on the menu at Edgar’s Proof & Provisions, 15 East Liberty St., in the DeSoto Savannah, 912.443.2000

Grassroots Farms pork, potlikker greens, peanut, red pepper 

@ Husk

by chef and partner Sean Brock

Neat and tidy plating resembles modern art sculpture

$33, on the menu at Husk, 12 W. Oglethorpe Ave., 912.349.2600

Stir fry

@ The Grove

by chef Hoss Czup

For crunchy bursts of sweetness, fresh corn replaces traditional rice

$19, on the menu at The Grove, 301 W. Congress St., 912.777.7597