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Savannah’s sartorial sensibilities are hard to pin down, primarily because we refuse to take ourselves too seriously. A quick survey of fashionable locals, however, reveals a few common threads: a blend of creativity and practicality, comfort and chic—all with a dash of light-hearted quirk.

By Sarah Taylor Asquith
Photography by Cedric Smith


Dede Mays



“I love the current trend of mixing odd color and texture combinations. I like to wear black, too, but a nice sunny day screams for color. My sister Kendra said she made my necklace. It’s my favorite and I wear it often. I also love bangles and buy them whenever they catch my eye.”


Jose Silva



“I’m a pretty formal kind of guy, but I’m always drawn to the unusual and sometimes ethnic details—and I like to push it a bit. Even if I’m wearing a plain white shirt and black pants, I look for a way to make them more unique—one day it may be suspenders, the next day, an old scarf.”


Katy Skelton Acuff



“I’m all about simplicity and functionality. I try to keep the flashy details to a minimum and stick with timeless silhouettes and materials. With clothes, I like classic shapes that are easy to wear and comfortable. I’ll add a patterned scarf or top to keep things interesting.”


Ashley Merkley



“I try to have fun with what I wear. I like layering, and finding new ways to wear a piece—like how this button-up shirt looks like a skirt.”


Isabel Trotta



“Last summer I was in New York and it was pouring rain. I only had open-toed shoes with me so I ran into Zara—these were the only ones I could find that would work. Silver and metallic are dangerously outside my comfort zone and I thought I’d never wear them again, but they’re now one of my favorites.”


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