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What is HunterMaclean’s managing partner up to these days?


Brad Harmon

Managing Partner at HunterMaclean

Reading >>

Suttree by Cormac McCarthy. I listen to a lot of books on my phone or tablet, but I’m reading this in hardcover, as it was a gift from my wife. McCarthy is my favorite author, and the story is set in East Tennessee, where I’m from.

Surfing >>

Twitter. I scan the app when I have a minute and get quick updates on a spectrum of issues. It’s where I go for most of my news.

Listening >>

I listen to music while I run (when I actually find time/make time to run), and most of it is ‘90s music like Tupac and Pearl Jam.

Gifting >>

I serve on the boards of Union Mission and Savannah Technical College, and that is where I give my time. Union Mission works as both a support system for those who may have fallen on hard times and provides job training and skills. Savannah Tech provides more in-depth job training as part of its educational mission. In that regard, both organizations are working to bridge the economic gap and strengthen our community to create a foundation for long-term economic and social growth.

Obsessing >>

My son and I obsess over Star Wars. We watch the movies together, he reads the books, and we talk about them. A lot. And of course, I get to say, “I am your father.”

Craving >> 


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