Generation NEXT: Cynthia Wright

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This year’s Generation NEXT conversation began with a nod to community and ingenuity, harnessing the group of 20’s collective minds for a deeper discussion facing Savannah’s business community. Get to know our winners, also featured in our January/February 2017 New Frontiers issue, here.

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Junior Partner, Carriage Trade Public Relations and Cecilia Russo Marketing


Childhood dream: I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. My aunt was a teacher at Jacob G. Smith, and I used to go to her classroom after school. Sometimes I would go read to her students. Once I started at Georgia Southern, I quickly realized teaching was a lot more than fun and games all day.

Best piece of business advice: OHIO. Only handle it once.

How I find strength during adversity: I say a little prayer to myself: Isaiah 40:31.

How I find inspiration: I like to go for a run through Forsyth and take a loop around the Historic District.

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