Generation NEXT: Christy Edwards

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This year’s Generation NEXT conversation began with a nod to community and ingenuity, harnessing the group of 20’s collective minds for a deeper discussion facing Savannah’s business community. Get to know our winners, also featured in our January/February 2017 New Frontiers issue, here.

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Executive Director, Horizons Savannah


Childhood dream: I was determined to be a writer because of my love of reading from a very young age.

Best piece of business advice: I worked for United Way for several years and our president had this mantra: Who needs to know and who needs to be thanked? It’s stuck with me because it focuses on good communication and gratitude.

How I find inspiration: My parents taught me through their hard-working example that you can always contribute effort. When the going gets tough, you have to get out there and do the work, even if it’s difficult.

How Savannah can become the best version of itself: Children need to be given every opportunity to not just be successful in school, but to grow to love learning and become life-long scholars. I would love to bring Horizons to every single student that needs our program.

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