Generation NEXT: Anthony Valdez

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This year’s Generation NEXT conversation began with a nod to community and ingenuity, harnessing the group of 20’s collective minds for a deeper discussion facing Savannah’s business community. Get to know our winners, also featured in our January/February 2017 New Frontiers issue, here.

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Creative Director, Clark Creative


Childhood dream: In a totally different shift than what I ended up choosing for a career, I was on track to study medicine in hopes of becoming a trauma surgeon. Somehow my passion for solving problems with the body translated into solving problem for business owners. It has certainly given me a different perspective with approaching our daily challenges, both creative and technical.

Best piece of business advice: Work with heart, be kind and breathe. Can you tell that’s a mother’s advice?

How I find strength during adversity: You have to look in to find your way out. There is an abundance of wisdom and knowledge already within us, and it is in those moments of adversity we can tap into, and harness, that power.

On giving back: We are a reflection of the gifts given to us, and we can honor those gifts by paying it forward in the work we do and the connections we foster.

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