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We at Savannah Magazine love any reason to have fun. For Halloween, we’ve entertained the thought that no budget or imaginary constraints can stand between us and our dream costume.


Read on for our staff picks…and enjoy!



My love of Beyoncé goes all the way back to the early Destiny’s Child days. The songs “Sorry” and  “Hold Up” have been my personal anthems all summer, so obviously I need to pay my respects to queen Bey this Halloween.In a perfect world I’d get my hands on a long, layered, yellow dress, grow my hair out really long, and carry around a baseball bat with the words “hot sauce” painted on it. I ain’t sorry! – Loretta Calhoun



Wonder Woman

Why? Because she is Wonder Woman, and so am I. I would wear the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman costume: knee high red boots, star spangled hot pants, and those bad ass power cuffs. – Laura Moreno



Mario Kart

I love group costumes because it’s fun to dress up with friends and it’s awesome to see people’s reactions when they see small groups of people in a costume that they know it part of a really big group all dressed the same. No budgets or obstacles.. And if I had friends.. I would want us to be Mario Kart.. And we’d either all be on bikes with balloons tied to us or we would have cardboard box karts.  And we have turtle shells and things to throw at each other. We’d obviously dress like each of the characters and we would race everywhere we go. – Shelby Dieckamp




She’s my most favorite Disney Princess of all time! When I was little I had a little mermaid bike and dreamed of being just like Princess Ariel! Fun fact: I still have my original Little Mermaid VHS, and the first edition has the not-so-secret design…Google it! I’d wear a metallic bright green fitted maxi skirt, which I would have custom made to have scales and a flipper at the bottom–in order to look like a “real” mermaid of course! I’d find a purple bra and have it transitioned into my seashells. Then I’d have to find an awesome long red wig, too!! I’d scout out some amazing green wedges or heels too! Plus, I’d carry around a stuffed flounder. Who is Ariel without her best friend? – Brittany Ward



Jean Grey

She’s touch physically, but, more importantly, she’s tough mentally. First, I’d dye my hair dark auburn, then I’d track down the sleek, belted crimson dress to match. – Anita Hagin



Cruella De Vil

Villains have all of the fun, especially Disney Villians. Other than the whole sordid puppy murdering thing, she’s absolutely fabulous.I’d start with the hair, and nail down the half black, half platinum blonde with Veronica Lake waves. After that, it’s really down to the fur coat; Alexander McQueen or bust! – Maggie Harney 

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