A Guide To The Best Christmas Tree Ever

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For the tree hunters among us, The Lion’s Club of Savannah shares their tips.

 Photography by Kelli Boyd Photography, from our 2015 November/December issue. 

1. Grab a live one.

When you purchase a live cut, or potted, Christmas tree, you’re investing back into the local economy since Christmas trees are a renewable, recyclable resource farmed here in the U.S. With approximately one million acres of land farmed specifically for Christmas trees, we’ve got the corner market on growing the best part of the season.

America dedicates around 1 million acres of land to Christmas trees a year–that’s a lot of space for presents! 



2. Keep the cheer alive all year.

If your plan is to purchase a potted tree, make sure you make room in your garden and let the spirit of Christmas be a lasting memory for you and your family by spotting it everyday out in your garden. It also helps the environment by reducing erosion and helping filter water and air of pollutants.





3. Go Natural.

Fake trees are made of plastic and other various materials that aren’t recyclable or biodegradable, making it not only a fire hazard (think of all your presents!) but environmentally unfriendly as well. Many variations of artificial trees also contain harmful materials like PVC and lead based paints so skip the imitation and go with the original. Since most artificial trees are imported from China, you can’t do better than walking to your local pop up shop and picking one that’s from your own backyard.


For those of you who like to celebrate Christmas all year, buy a potted plant. It makes the perfect “garden reminder” of your family memories. 



4. You can’t manufacture that smell. 

Don’t tell Yankee Candle, but not even those wick experts can recreate the scent of a Christmas tree that’s better than the real deal. Not only do real trees improve the air quality of your house, but an potted Christmas all-year will do wonders for your garden. No need for the imitation!

Ready to pick your All-Star for the 2016 holidays? The Lion’s Club begins their annual Christmas tree sale on Nov. 20 at Daffin Park on the corners of Victory Drive and Cedar Street. 

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