Who Is Salted & Styled?

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Meet the local women behind the vision. Photograph by Marcus KenneyStyled by Rebecca Gardner.

Saltedandstyled.com was born from the imaginations of photo stylist and author Libbie Summers and photographer Chia Chong.  Each week, online, the members of this culinary design collective celebrate the organic beauty of one new food-related item.  They abandon all inhibitions as they twist it, turn it, ponder it, eat it and photograph it to produce seven days of inspired-living content.

Since Libbie and Chia believe clever and thoughtful work is nurtured through a collaborative process, they’ve invited some of the most talented women in the industry—all of whom happen to live in the Hostess City—to lend their hands, words and eyes as regular contributors.

Art curator and stylist Amy Zurcher is the infectious and magical talent who shares all things bright and slightly bizarre through the artists she highlights.  Humorist Andrea Goto (who moonlights as Savannah magazine’s associate editor) writes about the strange, messy real-life beauty she finds in each culinary muse.  Brenda Anderson serves as the producer and co-host of “Simmer Down,” the site’s irreverent podcast.  Designer and fashion stylist Brooke Atwood shares secrets of her unique boho rocker-chic style through food-inspired fashion picks, designs and tips.  Talent abounds in artist and storyteller Katherine Sandoz as she creates a new piece of thoughtful artwork to celebrate each week’s star subject.

Two creators.  Five contributors.  Seven ideas.  One vision.  Now, who’s hungry?

The Making of Savannah, Salted & Styled

Video: Juwan Platt. Music: Earthquake Heart by The Dirtbombs.