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The Coffee Fox doubles down on local flavor with the launch of its namesake roasting company

Photography courtesy of THE COFFEE FOX ROASTING CO.

CUSTOMERS OF THE COFFEE FOX and its sister cafes have been enjoying drinks made with locally roasted beans from PERC for years. Now they’re getting an extra-local treat — beans roasted by the company itself — with the launch of The Coffee Fox Roasting Co. arm.

Last fall, The Coffee Fox team began sourcing and roasting their own coffees out of their Louisville Road location, spearheaded by production roaster Kim Spera. They began by roasting all the espresso and drip coffee for the Foxy cafes across Savannah, which include Foxy Loxy Cafe, Henny Penny Art Space & Cafe, Fox & Fig Cafe and both locations of The Coffee Fox. The team then expanded to cold brew, and with the recent addition of a second roaster, production now includes single-origin offerings, in which all the beans come from one farm.

Photography courtesy of THE COFFEE FOX ROASTING CO.

“It’s been nice to have the freedom to experiment with our own blends and to see both what our customers respond to and what our team enjoys,” Spera says. “We’re just beginning to play around, and I’m excited to keep exploring different tastes we can add to our cafes.”

The Coffee Fox owner Jennifer Jenkins had wanted to roast her own beans for years, in part so she could also oversee the branding. Jenkins, a SCAD MFA graduate, studied fibers and worked often with printmaking, even teaching as an adjunct printmaking professor earlier in her career. Interested in “how a space can bring people together in the neighborhood,” she opened the first in the family of coffee shops, Foxy Loxy Cafe, in 2011 after spending a lot of time during her SCAD days in the Starland District, attending shows at Desoto Row gallery.

She was also inspired by an origin trip she had taken more than seven years ago to Selva Negra, a coffee farm in Nicaragua, where some of her favorite beans are grown. “Even though it was a long time ago, that experience has remained with me,” Jenkins says. “Everything from the women-owned farms, to the three generations of pickers, to their eco-conscious practices aligned with what’s important to me and what I want to support.”

“ It’s been nice to have the freedom to experiment with our own blends and to see both what our customers respond to and what our team enjoys.”

But it was ultimately the technology behind coffee company Bellwether’s roaster that tipped the scale and encouraged Jenkins to embark on the new venture. As she explains, the roaster’s technology allows a small business owner like herself, who might not have the experience or education of a master roaster, to produce and offer coffee at scale. Bellwether’s roaster allows Jenkins to digitally connect to a green marketplace of sustainably sourced beans from Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Mexico, among other countries, which can then be roasted to produce blends or single-origin offerings.

In addition to providing beans and blends for its cafes, The Coffee Fox is now also offering retail bags of their four core coffees: Foxy Blend, Flywheel Espresso, Knockout Cold Brew, and Halftone Decaf,  along with seasonal single-origin coffees. The bags were designed by longtime collaborator and designer Kay Wolfersperger, who was once a student of Jenkins’. Both the names of the coffees and the bags’ letterpress type design pay tribute to their shared passion for printmaking.

And it’s the aspect of the business — the creative — that Jenkins wants to do more of this year. The rollout of The Coffee Fox Roasting Co. across the cafes has already inspired her to rethink the type and other design elements displayed in each space. “I want to blow out the printmaking and design angle and keep seeing how we can add more design to our retail offerings,” she says. “I came into the industry from the arts, and they’ll always be at the core of what inspires me.”

The Coffee Fox Roasting Co. Knockout Cold Brew. Make it at home with the flash-brewing recipe below // Photography courtesy of THE COFFEE FOX ROASTING CO.


Makes two 12-oz. cups of iced coffee

Energize your day (and keep cool) with home-brewed iced coffee using The Coffee Fox Roasting Co. Knockout Cold Brew coffee, made using a Chemex coffeemaker and filter. This method, known as flash-brewing, offers the best way to extract the coffee’s flavor notes. The best part: It’s much faster than the typical, prolonged process of cold brewing. 

48 g coarsely ground, of The Coffee Fox Roasting Co.
Knockout Cold Brew Coffee
212 g ice 
340 g water

Chemex coffeemaker and filter
Water kettle

1. Set your Chemex filter in place, layering the three-fold section over the spout. Rinse thoroughly with hot water. Remove the filter and discard water. Place your Chemex on the scale and add 212 grams of ice. Replace the filter. 

2. Fill the water kettle and heat to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Tare the scale and add 48 grams of coarsely ground coffee into the Chemex filter. Tare the scale again.

3. Start a timer and pour just enough water to saturate the bed of coffee grounds (roughly 96 grams of water). Let that rest for 30-45 seconds.

4. Pour water slowly in concentric circles, pausing occasionally to submerge all the coffee grounds in the water as you go with a spoon. The goal is to pour a total of 340 grams of water into the Chemex within about 3 minutes.

5. Once all the water has been added, give the wet grounds a shallow stir and let drain. The total brewing time should be about 5 minutes. 

6. Remove the filter, and give the coffee a few good swirls to melt the remaining ice. Serve over ice and enjoy. 

Fancy a hot cup of coffee or a decaf option? Check out the full lineup of The Coffee Fox Roasting Co. fresh brews in store or online at // Photography courtesy of THE COFFEE FOX ROASTING CO.