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The Best Coffee Shop winner and runner-up spill the beans on how to enjoy a cuppa

Photography by ANGELA HOPPER-LEE

FOXY LOXY // Winner

A TRIED AND TRUE SAVANNAH FAVORITE, Foxy Loxy is the hometown hero of cafes. It’s become an icon for many a visitor, local or student, and it’s easy to see why: Each room boasts cozy lighting and local art, and the outdoor courtyard is charming (and COVID-friendly). Whatever vibe or order you’re after, Foxy Loxy has you covered, with a dash of Tex-Mex flair. Below, owner Jennifer Jenkins shares her crème de la crème.

BEST DRINK: If you concentrated Foxy Loxy down into a single yummy glass, it would be the horchata latte. Espresso, horchata, what’s not to love? Whether served hot or iced, it’s the most popular drink, too, and for good reason.

BEST FOOD ITEM: When it comes to the bakery display case, the kolaches, a Czech baked good with a sweet dough, are the winner. They come in flavors like cream cheese, bacon cheddar, sausage and egg. On the Tex-Mex menu, the chipotle chicken taco is Foxy’s claim to fame.

UNSUNG HERO: Sometimes overlooked but always good, the espresso tonic consists of two shots of espresso over Fever Tree tonic. It comes in a tulip glass with an orange rind on top, giving the drink an elevated feel. Refreshing and dairy-free, this is a perfect way to beat the heat.

BEST DRINK TO RECREATE AT HOME: Without good equipment, your espresso may come out sub-par. So if you want that signature flavor at home, try a cold brew concentrate. Additionally, the cafe sells a Mexican mocha spice blend, which is perfect for getting that Foxy flavor.

BEST TIME TO VISIT: The answer isn’t so simple. It depends on what you’re looking for in your cafe experience. Friday evenings mean Fire and Wine, complete with bonfire s’mores and half-priced bottles of wine. If matcha is more your speed, Matcha Mondays offer $2 hot or iced matcha. If you’re looking to avoid a long line and need your morning joe, though, go right when it opens at 8 a.m.


WITH MOST OF ITS LOCATIONS near its flagship cafe in Gig Harbor, Wash., Cutter’s Point Coffee is far from home in Savannah — but that doesn’t make it out of place. Drawing inspiration from its Pacific Northwest roots, the cafe has a nautical, mountaineering feel to it, and its industrial-meets-trendy atmosphere welcomes Savannahians looking for something new. Here are manager Carson Hendrix’s favorites.

BEST DRINK: By a landslide, the moon river mocha is the Savannah favorite. With flavors of cinnamon, vanilla, almond and mocha, this drink is a sweet new take on the traditional mocha.

BEST FOOD ITEM: The granola bites are the best seller here, folks, and nothing else comes close. Hendrix says in his five years of working at Cutter’s Point, nothing sells better than these. Get there early (the shop opens at 6:30 a.m.) to get them while they’re fresh.

UNSUNG HERO: A bit of a secret menu item, the honey-nut macchiato is the overlooked favorite of Cutter’s Point, with chai latte following close behind. For food, the humble roasted nuts pack a punch, flavored with rosemary, brown sugar or cayenne.

BEST DRINK TO RECREATE AT HOME: A Cutter’s Point seasonal special is your best bet. The salted caramel cold brew consists of cold brew (or iced coffee) topped with nitro creamer. To finish it up, add a healthy amount of caramel sauce and a pinch of sea salt. The layers make this drink, and you can change it up based on how sweet or salty you want it.

BEST TIME TO VISIT: For the full Cutter’s Point experience, come in around 9 a.m., 3 p.m., or after 5 p.m. You’ll get more time to chat with the staff, if you like, and a quieter overall environment.