Where to Shop Vintage Fashion in Savannah

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Timeless styles and collectible designer pieces shine brightly at these local boutiques


AROUND THE WORLD AND ONLINE, the secondhand shopping market is exploding, thanks to shoppers seeking hard-to-find pieces with history while also thinking ahead to the cumulative effects of the fast-fashion industry on the planet. In Savannah, there is no shortage of pop-up markets or Facebook Marketplace posts to sift through for those thrifters who enjoy the thrill of the hunt. As for those who prefer a more elevated experience, head to these local shops to find the most fashion-forward vintage pieces to add to your wardrobe.

Girl with straight blond hair wearing a pink Cersace sweatshirt and black-and-white checkered pants
Courtesy Madison & 5th
Gold leather Chanel bag with gold chain handles
Courtesy Madison & 5th

Madison & 5th

In the Downtown Design District, a twinkle from a Christian Louboutin heel sparkles next to a velvet Gucci bag. At Madison & 5th (412B Whitaker St.), owner Chloe Binetti pairs luxury fashion with a warm and inviting in-person experience. The boutique caters to classic and trendy shoppers alike by focusing on high-end and hard-to-find designer goods. Her curation of timeless pieces for Savannahians is a step to encourage patrons to invest in luxury resale, which also reduces environmental waste in the fashion industry. “Madison & 5th was started to give designer bags, shoes and clothing a life beyond one night, one season or one closet,” Binetti says.

House of Strut 

Since 2015, House of Strut (20 W. State St.) has been a Savannah staple for discovering that perfect party dress you never knew you needed  or, for avid collectors, the place to find that luxury piece they’ve been eyeing. “Choose to press pause on new trendy clothing purchases,” owner Erica Jarman suggests. “Instead, buy classic vintage pieces that have stood the test of time and will elevate your closet and your conscience.” In 2022, House of Strut began to invest in pre-loved luxury designer goods that are often financially unattainable for many folks. It’s also a lot of fun. “Sourcing trips for vintage fashion is the ultimate adrenaline rush,” says Jarman. “Who wore it, what experiences did they have in it and who will desire it upon your return?” 

Good. Good.

A mix of interest in sustainable living and work as a career stylist in New York and Paris for more than 15 years informs how owner Sheyna Imm curates her collections at Good. Good. (2809 Bull St.). “We prioritize quality, uniqueness and sustainability while trying to highlight female/family-owned and -operated companies and brands that have some sort of ‘give back’ program to their communities,” says Imm.

Glory Days Vintage 

Tucked behind the fitting rooms of The Copper Closet, Glory Days Vintage (3 E. Broughton St.) is a scene of mix-and-match fashion moments. Owner Ella Shipes was introduced to thrifting and vintage clothing by her mom, and the store is named in her memory. Shipes explains that the boutique is all about the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s patterns and colors that stand out against current fashion trends. “My goal is to bring in pieces that can help someone figure out their style,” she says. Shipes loves encouraging shoppers to experiment with a variety of things to create something original while reducing waste.

Vintage clothes hanging on racks
Courtesy East + Up

East + Up

For eye-catching, conversation-starting fashion moments, head to East + Up (6 E. Liberty St.). The quirky fashion boutique is home to vintage items spanning the 1950s and 1990s. Whether you’re dressing for a music festival or looking to stand out from the crowd, this shop is packed with sequins, the playful charm of frills and the intriguing allure of quirky details. For East + Up owner Emily Bargeron, nostalgia plays a role in vintage, both in the curation process and through the customer experience, transporting to a past memory. Bargeron is also interested in an item’s provenance. “We’re able to salvage these remarkable garments from the fashion graveyard, ensuring that their stories and craftsmanship endure for generations to come,” she says.

Labels on Liberty

When looking for preloved wardrobe essentials, stop by Savannah’s luxury women’s consignment shop, Labels on Liberty (107 W. Liberty St.). Founders Lulu Ward and GiGi Keys are there for all the fashion needs from everyday wares to formal attire. They opened Labels on Liberty in 2023 with a clear vision in mind: to offer a diverse range of fashionable and high-quality pieces that exude elegance and sophistication. With an emphasis on timeless pieces and craftsmanship, Labels on Liberty accepts like-new handbags, accessories, clothing and bags from consignors. If items are not selected, Ward and Keys work with the consignors to donate to the Women’s Safe Shelter.

Fashion on the Move

Check out these mobile and online-only sellers

Siamese Dreams Vintage

Juliana Novik’s Siamese Dreams Vintage is a vision full of tulle, sparkles and a Barbie-pink camper. “Tutus, rhinestones, fringe, leather, what’s not to love?” Novik says of her mobile boutique. Inspired by when she would play dress-up in her mother’s and grandmother’s clothes, Novik’s interest in vintage grew to include antique jewelry and the glitz and glam of dance costumes. Follow the shop on Instagram @siamesedreamsvintage to see where the mobile camper is popping up next. 

Two blond women wearing quilted coats
Photos by Peter Colin Murray / Courtesy Barbara’s Shop
Girl with long blond hair wearing a beenie, quilted sweatshirt and jeans

Barbara’s Shop

Stylist, slow-fashion admirer and antiquer Sara Spicer was born into a family of vintage lovers. This includes her great-grandma Barbara, an avid sewer and quilt lover, whose legacy inspired Spicer to transform old family quilts into cozy, contemporary garments, from jackets to skirts to bucket hats. Made in Spicer’s home studio, each thoughtful stitch helps create something new from the old while continuing to cherish familial histories for generations to come. Shop online or get in touch about custom orders at barbarasshop.com.

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