Vicky and Kenneth Brown

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Clockwise from left: Jalen Brown, Betty Miller, Kenneth Brown, Vicky Brown
Photograph by Angela Hopper-Lee

The couple behind Sisters of the New South takes us on a delicious day full of food and family

4 a.m.: Owning a restaurant means we’re early risers — Sisters opens at 6 a.m. with traditional breakfast foods as well as items like liver with onions, shrimp and gravy, smothered chicken, and salmon. Breakfast is whatever you want it to be.

9 a.m.: By 9 a.m, we’re putting on the turkey wings and oxtails, shucking oysters, cutting up collard greens and double-checking our stock of supplies from local, family-owned businesses like Promised Land Farms, Ambos Seafoods and Paper Chemical Supply Co.

Lunch: It’s a busy time at the restaurant, but we pride ourselves on service with a smile. The fact we’re high school sweethearts (Sol C. Johnson High School) and a husband-and-wife team means we can lean on each other.

2 p.m.: Between seasoning, marinating and preparing for the dinner rush, you’ll find us making sure the late lunch-goers are enjoying their meal. That usually means recommending the peach cobbler, noted as one of the best in the state by Southern Living magazine.

6 p.m.: A wave of pickup orders rushes in right about now. Many parents would love to prepare dinner, but time simply doesn’t allow. That’s why we offer an awesome, wholesome family meal with three sides — and no dishes, pots or pans to clean. Being of service to the community is what it’s all about.

10 p.m.: After closing up shop, we head home to unwind and watch the nightly news together. We give our thanks to God, and get some rest. Four a.m. comes early!