The Laws of Fashion

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Savannah stylist Charisse Bruin lays down the law.

Joshua Yellin of HunterMcClean Attorneys wears a plaid suit, tie and pocket square from Joseph’s Clothiers and a Shinola watch from 13 Secrets. Photo by Beau Kester

Law of Patterns

By mixing patterns, you’re pushing boundaries and being intentional at the same time. The trick to the mix is to pull everything together in different shades of a key color — in the case of Josh’s jacquard tie and plaid suit, we went with blue. Jewel tones, like the maroon pocket square, actually tone the look down and give it an anchor. This look is fun without being over the top.


LeeAnn Williams of LeeAnn Williams Law, PC wears natural stone agate necklaces and pearl bracelet by Lisa Zipperer Designs, mother of pearl cuff and rings from 13 Secrets, bag from Satchel, white blouse from Midge and pants from Red Clover. Photo by Beau Kester

Law of Color

LeeAnn reminds me of Farrah Fawcett, so I wanted to capture that vivacity in her look. The law of color focuses on using punches of color to joyful effect. The royal blue pant and a white blouse — everyone should have a go-to white shirt — are the perfect canvas for two bright, chunky necklaces and a rich handbag. A colorful palette should feel mood-lifting, not overwhelming.



Stephanie Burgess of The Burgess Law Group, LLC wears a printed dress and textured overcoat from Carol’s Savannah, red and turquoise necklace by Lisa Zipperer Designs and cuffs and earrings from 13 Secrets. Photo by Beau Kester

Law of Texture

Layered textures create depth and add movement to a look. For Stephanie, I chose a black-and-white palette with a coat made of a heavier material than the lightweight, sheer dress. As you can see, the combination made her dance! Those varied textures work to maximum effect with solid tights, and the chunky necklace and bracelets and subtle red buttons give the outfit zing. 



Jeff Harris of Harris Lowry Manton LLP wears a Coppley sports coat, blush button-down shirt and tie from J. Parker Ltd., hat from Goorin Bros. and Shinola watch and wooden bracelets from 13 Secrets. Photo by Beau Kester

Law of Accessories

Forget about “less is more” when it comes to accessories! Jeff is wearing beaded bracelets, a blue-faced watch, a red sports coat, a paisley tie, a pocket square and a hat — and yet he doesn’t look overly accessorized. That’s because the right accessories can elevate a look and make it feel more cohesive. Key colors repeat to tie this look together.