Jennifer Huskey

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How the Gaslight Group co-owner and artistic mind behind JKH ceramics balances work and play

Photography by KATIE MCGEE

7 a.m.: In cooler months, I’m a tea drinker and wake up with a cup from Yaupon Teahouse. My favorite is the Women’s Wellness blend. My husband, Brian, and I take time in the morning to discuss the day ahead and bounce around ideas related to the restaurants, especially the new 5 Spot location in Sandfly. He takes off, then I do a Zoom yoga class with New Yoga Now. 

9 a.m.: Some days I meet up with a friend for a mid-morning coffee downtown at Gallery Espresso. We sit outside and pretend we’re on vacation for an hour. I order books online from E. Shaver, so I’ll stop in if I have something to pick up then drop off pieces like jewelry or pottery at my downtown stockist, Terra Cotta. I get to my studio by 11 a.m., ready to work on orders for a variety of retailers across the U.S.

1 p.m.: When I’m at my studio, I work consistently throughout the day, so I occasionally indulge in lunch delivery from Le Cafe Gourmet. If the weather’s great, I head over to Superbloom in Starland to get one of their gorgeous superfood lattes or a salad from Starland Cafe or Nom Nom Poke Shop. I try to catch our son, Connor, with a phone call to say hi — he works nights at B. Matthew’s Eatery and sleeps in, so the early afternoon is the best chance I have to chat with him before he starts his day.  

3 p.m.: Usually my friend and part-time studio assistant, Rachael Shaner, is there to help out.  She’s a full-time musician, and if I’m lucky, she plays a rough cut of new music from her band, Lulu the Giant. Sometimes we catch up with Melissa Cohen of Metal Sugar Jewelry, a fine jewelry artist a few doors down from me. 

5 p.m.: Working with ceramics is physical work — moving 50-pound boxes of clay, loading and unloading heavy kiln shelves, packing orders. It’s hard on the body. Every few weeks l schedule acupuncture with Ben Brodhead of Eight Cranes Acupuncture. I try to detangle any more knots at home with an hour of yin yoga, meditation, reading or simply resting. 

7 p.m.: Although we definitely enjoy our own restaurant locations, The Wyld is our de facto dinner spot. We recently moved to Isle of Hope and have been remodeling a house, so we’ve appreciated everything close by. We were without a fully functioning kitchen for a couple of months and were rotating between nearby restaurants like Castaways, Tequila’s Town Mexican Restaurant, Driftaway Cafe, Pearl’s Saltwater Grille and Jalapeños. Thank goodness for takeout! After dinner, we take our dog, Chloe, for a walk on the bluff.

10 p.m.: I see what’s on my schedule for the next day, then wind down with Hale Tea Co. Relax Herbal Dream tea and take care of my skin with Yaupon Revive Cleanser and Daily Facial Oil. A little bit of reading, then sweet dreams until the morning.