Hannah Lewis

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How the owner of Hannah E. and Hannah E. Shoes takes on the day (in style)

Photography by KATIE MCGEE

6 a.m.: With two pups, there is never a need to set my alarm! I start every morning by letting out Gretta, my 3-year-old German Shorthair Pointer, and Ava, my 9-year-old Black Labrador, onto the back porch and sipping a made-at-home latte. My sweet husband got me an espresso machine for Christmas, so I’ve been busy mastering my perfect cup of coffee. 

7 a.m.: Gretta gets a big walk around the island — I love starting my day with some fresh air and getting outside. I’m usually listening to a podcast, learning the tricks of the trade from other entrepreneurs. 

9 a.m.: Depending on the day, I’ll load up the pups to take them to the Hipster Hound before heading downtown to open the shops. I love stopping in to Franklin’s to treat myself to a dirty chai. Always my go-to! 

12 p.m.: I was so blessed to find my shops right next to Gaston Crue Lifestyle & Interiors. If I’m not taking a buying meeting, (Gaston Crue shop owner) Crue Conley and I love taking a little lunch break at Anita Deli Sandwich or Café M and sharing projects with one another. It’s always fun to have another creative to bounce ideas off of. 

2 p.m.: Mid-afternoon is my favorite part of the day at the shops. UPS and FedEx are stopping by with all new arrivals — it’s like Christmas every day! Pro tip: This is a good time for clients to pop in and see what’s new.  

5 p.m.: Personal deliveries are a perk of shopping at Hannah E. Once I close up the shop, I’m often dropping off bags of clothes at clients’ houses or delivering e-commerce orders at UPS. 

7 p.m.: As a business owner, it’s very difficult to work only from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. I can easily take my day home with me every day. On weeknights, I’m picking out and buying new styles for the shop, meeting new brands, designing and keeping up with all of my fabulous clients. My husband and I are pretty social, but when we aren’t out and about we enjoy cooking and catching up on our favorite shows (Yellowstone is a hit at our house right now).

10 p.m.: Before I head to bed, I always write down what the next day is going to bring, hour by hour. I don’t like “winging” my days. I like to have a plan and know that when I wake up, I don’t have to guess. Then, it’s a few pages from a good read on my nightstand. I’m currently reading Stanley Tucci’s Taste: My Life through Food. I highly recommend it!