By Design

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“Life goals, right?”

Emily McCarthy holds up one of her recent design samples—a made-to-order crest that showcases a family’s life through the designer’s expert eye. Turns out, the modern medallion is now displayed on the front of a golf cart. McCarthy’s client, a resident of Sea Island, also has the architecturally minded stamp on the to-go cups she takes out on the green.  

“Everyone wants to feel this sense of belonging,” the designer and decorator notes. “You want to share your story, your travels, your passions. Home-branding is a great way to represent that.”

McCarthy’s custom crests can celebrate just about anything—maybe it’s a beautiful new home or the coming together of two families as one. The designs, often used as wallpaper patterns and on entertaining accessories, are all about making a shared statement. Call it the resurgence of the status symbol, but this time with its heart in the home.