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Textiles help usher in a new season

Photography courtesy of ALE SANTANA PHOTO AND VIDEO

PRACTICALITY AND BUDGET PREVENT most of us from completely overhauling a space each season, but there are ways to hint at the passage time without breaking the bank, says interior designer Stephanie Hoey. The key? Hone in on soft surfaces.

“Organic textures speak to the season, like woven fabrics, corduroys and subtle plaids,” she says. Hoey suggests sticking to a two-color plaid, sometimes called a gingham or buffalo check, to facilitate easy mixing and matching. Plus, she says, “plaids can get cheesy.” 

Once you’ve selected patterns and colors, use a simple pattern to create throw pillows. By keeping your decor and staple furniture pieces neutral, seasons are a snap — just change out the pillows. Or, to be more specific, the pillow covers. “Stick with the same shapes and sizes so you only have to change out the covers. It’ll save you money and storage space,” Hoey says.

“Layer a 18- or 20-inch pillow in front of a larger pillow, and end with a lumbar in front to layer patterns and textures” — Stephanie Hoey

As a general rule, Hoey prefers starting with 22- or 24-inch pillows for the outer sides of a sofa, using gradually smaller sizes for pillows toward the center of the couch. “Layer a 18- or 20-inch pillow in front of a larger pillow, and end with a lumbar in front to layer patterns and textures,” she says, noting that a good lumbar size for a sofa is 12×20 or 12×24. For a bed, Hoey prefers three 26-inch, Euro-size pillows across the back for a king-size bed and two for a queen or full bed. “Then, just like the sofa, layer in front with smaller pillows and end with a lumbar.” 

Throw pillows are decorative, of course, but they also help visitors feel at home. In fact, Hoey says plenty of pillows and blankets were the inspiration for her guest room, pictured here. She also added an eye-catching velvet chair for yet another soft accent — part of her ultimate triumvirate for modern hosting: “Every guest room should have a cozy chair, a box of tissues and a full-length mirror,” she says, laughing.  

Soft Landings

DIY-ers can browse Sherry’s Honey Pot Fabric, 7901 Waters Ave., for beautiful wovens. Keep it simple, as Hoey suggests, or add trim, tassels and other flourishes available at the store.

Courtland & Co., 411 Whitaker St., has a range of down pillows in luxury fabrics from prestigious design houses like Schumacher Fabrics & Upholstery. 

Score one-of-a-kind pillows at Clutter Furnishing & Interiors, 714 Mall Blvd. #1, a high-end consignment shop. 

For modern, two-color plaids with a subtle Scandinavian influence, visit Asher + Rye, 348 Whitaker St.