Fun House

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Linen + Line designer Allison Willis on why children’s rooms are a great place to play

THE BEST PART OF DESIGNING KIDS’ ROOMS IS: I have a more open canvas. I love being able to exercise my love of color and patterns!

FIVE COOL-KID COLORS THAT WON’T DRIVE PARENTS CRAZY: light blue, light pink, light green, and simple black-and-white.

SOME EXAMPLES OF KID-FRIENDLY DÉCOR THAT CAN GROW WITH THE FAMILY: woven materials, such as laundry baskets or wall baskets are staples for my designs. I also love using fun lighting all over the house, so starting fixtures out in a child’s room and relocating them later is an easy sell for me.

ONE OF MY KIDS’ ROOM SIGNATURES IS: custom upholstery and wallpaper, whether it be custom drapes or pillows or a wallpapered ceiling. I just can’t do a kids’ room without one of these!