8 Outdoor Spaces to Love

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When you’re writing about the most beautiful homes in town, it’s easy to get a little wanderlust. But forget dreaming of far away shores—we’ve got our eyes on the relaxing nooks and verandas in Savannah’s very own backyards. Here, in honor of the season that no one should spend inside, we’ve rounded up the best and liveliest of outdoor hangs. 

1. Swing Lovin’

Swing low, sweet chariot! Who wouldn’t give a free afternoon to lounge around out here with friends and a bottle of rosé? Fall/Winter Homes 2013-2014. Photo by Andrew Sherman

2. Screen Siren

Light the candles and let in the coastal breeze—this screened-in porch is exactly what the season calls for. Fall/Winter Homes 2013/2014. Photo by Richard Leo Johnson

3. Birds of a Feather

Who needs camp when the petting zoo is set up right in the backyard? It’s one doozie of a weekend project but think of all those fresh eggs for Sunday brunch. Spring/Summer Homes 2014. Photo by Beau Kester/Round 1 Productions.

4. Marsh Life

Escaping to paradise in your own backyard—now that’s prime outdoor living! July/August Savannah magazine 2014. Photo by Richard Leo Johnson 

5. Secret Hideaway

I do declare—this backyard getaway is perfectly poised to sit back with a magazine or two. Summer Homes 2016. Photo by Richard Leo Johnson; styled by Jane Coslick 

6. Cool Dive

There’s nothing like a pool on the marsh. It really drives the theme of “life on the water” to its absolutely best definition. Summer Homes 2016. Photo by Teresa Earnest 

7. Outside The Box

You’re thinking it, and we’ll say it: This is the kind of outdoor living that’s as good for the planet as it is for your summer dream house. Fall/Winter Homes 2012/2013. Photo by Tessa Blumenburg 

8. Green Retreat

City gardens don’t have to be a concrete jungle; this Historic District abode offers the perfect green retreat for cobblestone-weary soles. Fall/Winter Homes 2016/2017. Photo by Richard Leo Johnson