Savannah’s Pet Boardwalk of Fame

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Bark up the right tree with these luxurious boarding facilities for pets.

Eureka! Farm Pet Resort. Photo by Katie McGee

Eureka! Farm Pet Resort

Owners: Holley Grooms and Nicole Brumble


Claim to fame: Dogs boarding at Eureka! stay in a relaxed home environment on 15 acres of well-shaded grassy land, sectioned into several areas for pups to safely run, play and potty off leash. There’s also a 20 by 40 foot heated swimming pool on the property. 

Other services: grooming, excursions (including boat excursions), fitness, training and transport

“When you live with animals, everything you do is with them in mind. A heated pool, lawn care products, pest control products, the kind of flooring in the house, multiple washers and dryers — our choices are all for the safety and well-being of the dogs in our care.” —Holley Grooms


Tonya Rintye of the Hipster Hound and a hound pal. Photo by Katie McGee

The Hipster Hound

Owners: Nick and Tonya Rintye


Claim to fame: The famous Hipster Hound shuttle bus — affectionately known as the Wag’n Wagon — picks up and drops off for both daycare and boarding.

Other services: daycare, boarding, in-home petcare, grooming, dog treats and pet care products

“People get so excited when they see our bus that they’ll stop us on the street and ask to take a picture!” —Tonya Rintye


Betsy von Trapp at work. Photo by Katie McGee

Von Trapp Animal Lodge

Owner: Betsy von Trapp


Claim to fame: Owned and operated by a licensed veterinarian on-site, von Trapp Animal Lodge offers rehab services such as hydrotherapy with an underwater treadmill and a beach-entry pool, acupuncture, laser therapy, massage and fitness programs. 

Other services: daycare, dog boarding and cat boarding with a separate atrium for free play

“When I first opened the lodge, a part of me was a little sad that I was leaving regular veterinary medicine behind. I would no longer be the ‘family vet’ and would lose those personal relationships with pets and their owners. Eight months in, I realize how mistaken I was.” —Betsy von Trapp