My Savannah: Jen Jenkins

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The owner of Foxy Loxy Print Gallery & Cafe, The Coffee Fox, Fox & Fig, and Henny Penny Art Space & Cafe shares her perfect Savannah day


7 a.m. Mill about the house with my husband, Markus, our son, Ison, and our menagerie: our dog, Henry, and our three cats, Joe, Loretta and Bandita. 

10 a.m. Henry and I head out for morning coffee at Foxy Loxy while Ison has daddy time (probably eating sweets and watching a movie — I just look the other way). I love to start the day with an espresso tonic (PERC espresso, of course) and an energy bite while lounging in Foxy’s courtyard. While I’m there, I work out a wish list of improvements in my head — plants, structures and decorations I’d like to add to that outdoor space. I would spend all my time on that courtyard if I could. I just love it, and I love fussing over it. 

12 p.m. Once I have my courtyard fix, it’s Henry’s turn. We head to the Daffin dog park so he can get all that pent-up energy out, and I get some time to read or listen to a podcast — I’m obsessed with those focused on leadership topics. 

2 p.m. I meet back up with Markus and Ison, and we all head to Henny Penny so Ison can do an art project while we get another round of caffeine and/or lunch. I’m hooked on our Genoa countryside panini (the panini bread is made in-house from our kolache dough), and Ison goes for the lemon bar or a mini cookie dough brownie for dessert. Ison gets pretty engrossed in his projects, so we usually spend a couple hours hanging out and watching him create. He recently did the dinosaur terrarium project, which he so enjoyed. I love this aspect of our café brought about by our partnership with Scribble Art Studio. 

4 p.m. Head out to Tybee and stop by Davis Produce on the way to grab some fresh produce for the week and some potted plants from their greenhouse for the Foxy courtyard — and some boiled peanuts! I love to walk along North Beach with Ison and Markus for a bit and then stop at Huc-A-Poos for pizza. We do a build-your-own that we change up a bit but always include pickled jalapenos. Huc-A-Poos is where Markus and I went on our first date so I’m always a little sentimental about that spot, and I love sharing it with Ison now. 

8 p.m. Bedtime for Ison and unwind time for us. We retire onto the front porch with some wine — Markus plays guitar and our fur babies join us. For special occasions, I get a sitter and head to the Roasting Room up in Bluffton to watch Markus and his band Clouds & Satellites! I love going back to being a groupie (how Markus and I met) when I get the chance.