No Greater Love

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A rescue dog thrives with love and attention. By Mickey Wallace.

Andy was picked up by Chatham County Animal Control, and no owner came to claim him. Fleas running amok, various infections, heartworms, massive weight and hair loss all conspired to make this yellow lab’s future sealed … until Linda Karpf came along. 

Karpf, a passionate advocate of animal welfare in addition to owner of children’s story Punch and Judy, has fostered many rejected, neglected dogs. As a child, Linda started small with a puppy, a white kitten. Her love for animals just kept growing along with her. She cares for her own dogs and fosters readily adoptable pooches. So, when this pitiful creature called out to her, she took it to a vet, certain that euthanasia would be recommended. 

Nay! Now named Andy (and pictured above), this dog is well and proud and home with Karpf.

The majority of adopters prefer cute-as-pie kittens and puppies, even though older animals come with built-in adoration and appreciation for people who give them a home.  Certainly the more mature pets are best for seniors, for people who don’t have the energy (or money) to walk, care for, feed and provide the medical care necessary for young pets. 

What To Do When You Find Animals

If you spot an injured animal along the street or roadway…the humane reaction is to jump out of the car and rush to its side.  Don’t. First, call Chatham County Animal Control, not the Humane Society for Greater Savannah. It’s the law. 

If you’ve pulled off the street to call…check for traffic before moving toward the animal and exiting the car, careful not to slam the door or make unnecessary noise to further startle the animal.  Move slowly forward, speaking in a low voice and holding out a hand. Don’t touch it, because it may bite out of fear or pain. 

If you see or know of animal abuse…don’t try to handle it yourself.  Report the situation to Animal Control.

If you’ve noticed visiting dogs, cats or other creatures that you know are not neighborhood pets…call Animal Control.

The Savannah area is truly blessed by caring people organized into caring resources.  Animal Control has appeared here at River’s Edge when called by an animal lover because she kept seeing a cat and sometimes kittens coming to dine in her backyard, having begun leaving food for them. Fearful of them getting hit by cars, she properly called Animal Control, who picked them up (except for mama cat who would have none of it!) and, as per my neighbor’s request, were taken to be spayed/neutered at my friend’s expense. Having been returned to River’s Edge, they now spend their time between here and next door.