My Savannah: Sherry Buckman

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Co-owner, Pride Pools, Spas and Leisure Products

7 a.m.: My day begins with a check on my garden. As I water my hibiscus from Landmark Nursery, I mentally prepare for my day.

8 a.m.: I drop off my schnoodle, Doodles, at Toni’s Grooming Station for a trim, then head to Pride Pools Savannah retail location for a meeting with the retail staff and marketing director.

10 a.m.: With two locations and a busy summer season in full swing, every day is totally different. This year, since everyone’s spending so much time at home, we’re busier than ever, so I rotate between working on the sales floor, greeting our customers and meeting with vendors, before it’s time for a conference call with my brothers (we three own the company).

12 p.m.: After placing orders with our vendors and distributors, I head to meet a friend for lunch — at Houlihan’s.

1:30 p.m.: In our busy season, free time is rare, but when I do get a minute to myself, I love to get my nails done at Nail Art RH Nail Salon in Richmond Hill.

3 p.m.: This is my “do not disturb” time as I prepare payroll for our 28 staff members.

5 p.m.: I leave work and head downtown to browse Broughton Street for a gift. I can always find something special
at The Salt Table or Paris Market and Brocante.

6:30 p.m.: My husband and I have a standing dinner date night with another couple in downtown Savannah. After a drink at Sorry Charlie’s, we love to try a new restaurant or return to one of our all-time favorites, Jazz’d Tapas Bar — which means the added bonus of a visit with our friends, Jazz’d owners Brian and Julie Curry.

9:30 p.m.: One last email check before starting my to-do list for tomorrow. One thing on the list: inviting some friends over
to our own pool this weekend. We’ll grill on the Big Green Egg, and I’ll make a big batch of my famous margaritas.

10:30 p.m.: I wind down from the day by flipping through the latest issue of Savannah magazine and watching local news — then it’s bedtime