My Savannah: Monique Silen

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The Kayak Kafé owner, operator and mom of two is on the go from dawn ’til dusk 

6 a.m.: I feed our six-month-old son, Luca, and around 7:30, my three- year-old wakes up. I make him breakfast, and we hang out in the playroom. Then, I’ll make some coffee — we love the Colombian Nariño from PERC Coffee, although our Kayak blend is delicious, too.

8:30 a.m.: I take Nico to school, then head home to eat breakfast, check emails, and look at my agenda for the day before heading to the Midtown restaurant at about 10 a.m. On the way into work, I usually stop for a coffee at The Foundry or Foxy Loxy — they have the best lattes. If I’m heading to our downtown location, I stop by Brighter Day for a green juice and their house-made energy bites. My day-to-day work fluctuates a lot depending on the needs for that week, but often it includes interviews, marketing strategies and menu development. 

12 p.m.: I always do a walk-through of the floor and the kitchen to do quality checks, taste food and talk
 to our kitchen manager. Around 1 p.m., I pick up Nico from school, and we drive to some construction sites to see if he can spot any excavators or bulldozers — he is obsessed! If I have time, we’ll stop by Henny Penny or Maté Factor for a treat. 

2 p.m.: I usually eat lunch later in the day. I love
 to try different things on our menu to make sure we are on point and that our food is as fresh and delicious as it’s been for almost 15 years. Around this time, we usually have meetings with our front-of-house and back-of-house managers — we have a wonderful staff and management, so these meetings often lead to great ideas, promotions and new specials. If all goes well, I try to squeeze in a 4 p.m. Orangetheory class at the Victory Drive location. 

5 p.m.: I cook on the early side to fit the boys’ schedule. After Nico eats dinner, we play and unwind before it’s time to put the little guys down. 

7 p.m.: On nights I don’t cook (or don’t bring Kayak takeout home), we usually order awesome burgers and salads from Green Truck Pub or pho from Flying Monk after the kids are asleep. If we’re lucky, we’ll head to Atlantic for dinner. We also love Starland Yard and Kyle Jacovino’s amazing pies at Pizzeria Vittoria. 

10 p.m.: I make a point to work in a quick skincare routine before bed. I love the Yaupon Revive cleanser from Yaupon Tea House and the Ere Perez face nectar and Everywhere Oil from Paris Laundry. After that, I check my calendar for the next day, and it’s off to sleep!