Music Faces

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Molly Hayden got a backstage photo pass to Savannah Stopover 2017, and the musical portraits to prove it. Portraits by Molly Hayden. Cover photo by Jon Waits. 

Music is…



“Music is acidic. It makes me feel weird. It makes me feel me.”

Name: Jess Louise Dye

Band: High Waisted (lead vocals, guitar)

Locale: NYC



“Music is the only thing that matters to me. It’s the only thing that’s supposed to be.”

Name: Neil Wogensen

Band: Valley Queen (bass/vocals)   

Locale: LA



“Music is my life. It’s an escape from my insanity.”

Name: Veronica Garcia

Band: Taze Daze

Locale: Savannah


“It’s the capability to manipulate emotions through melody and chord changes. It’s a visceral connection to other people.”

Name: Gracie Lawrence

Band: Lawrence (front woman)

Locale: NYC


“Music is the reason to get out of bed in the morning.”

Name: Phillip Reynolds Price

Band: Ambrose / Isaac Smith

Locale: Savannah



Music is everything. It’s why we live, why we think, why we belong.”

Name: Becca Mancari

Band: Becca Mancari (lead)

Locale: Nashville


Music is a windy road.”

Name: Catherine Elicson

Band: Allison Crutchfield & The Fizz (drums)

Locale: Philadelphia


Music is free.”

Name: Pete Curry

Band: Saw Black (bass)

Locale: Richmond, VA


“It doesn’t have a meaning or definition, music is just simply everywhere.”

Name: Michael Lee Harris, attendee

Locale: Savannah