Inspired Ingénue

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At the intersection of boho chic and classic Hollywood, Andrea Goto peeks into the life of stunning young stylist, Lynn Serulla. Photography by Adam Kuehl.

A self-proclaimed “experience junkie,” Lynn Serulla has quite a few helpings on her plate, including work as a production assistant for various Paula Deen projects and, most recently, a costumer for the feature film, The Sacrament.  But despite long days on set, the Michigan native appears unfazed on a rare morning off as she sips a double-shot Americano from a cracked cup at Gallery Espresso.

She is effortlessly hip in dark winter layers, accented with a burgundy vintage hat from which her platinum strands peek out.  The classically trained painter talks as if she has nowhere to go and smiles as if that’s the only shape her mouth makes.  This seems uncharacteristic, considering the time Lynn has spent living in New York City, Chicago and L.A., but it’s an attitude that’s right at home in the Hostess City.

Lynn Serulla, 26


My style M.O.:  Functional, a little eccentric, classic, vintage, simple and accessory-based.  Fashion Commandment No. 1:  Accessories and shoes are important.  You can thrift all of your clothes, but it’s important to have accessories that are statement pieces.  Don’t let me bring my credit card to … Extant Fair.

If my school had a uniform, it would be … Ankle boots, a cool hat and an awesome outfit that was the anti-uniform.  If you showed up in a uniform, you’d have to go home and change.  I’d wrestle an alligator for … His skin.  My fashion emergency kit contains … Double-sided tape, safety pins, measuring tape, mascara, lip gloss and extra earrings—just in case.  The fashion “don’t” I love to do:  Mix dark colors.  I like to put brown with black, blue, gray—all the colors together.  Before the zombie fashion apocalypse, I’m stockpiling … My jewels.  I love wearing gold, jewels—shiny stuff.

I can go from The Olde Pink House to Pinkie Master’s in my … Baby-pink fingernails painted at La Bella Nails.  Less or more?  Less.  Always edit.  One thing I’ve learned in styling and production is to bring as much as you can and then edit.  The simpler, the better.  I want seven minutes in style heaven with … Betsey Johnson’s closet.  You’re not a man unless you’re confident in … A scarf.  It’s very European.  My magic elixirs are … Moisturizer and mascara.  I use the yellow moisturizer from Clinique and Bare Escentuals mascara from JW Salon. Savannah, stop wearing … Pajamas in public.


“I’ve got all of these little antique toys—they’re yard jockeys, but they’re tiny. I put my rings on them. It’s kind of witty and whimsical.” Sarah Lewis glass ring (center), $450 at ShopSCAD, 340 Bull Street, 525-5180,; BOYNYC dinosaur bracelet (far right), $210 at Custard Boutique, 422 Whitaker St., 232-4733; drop earring, flower ring, vintage key chain and jewelry box (made by Lynn’s grandfather), stylist’s own



“I got this beautiful 1950s black and red Elsa Shiaparelli hat in New York from a woman who lives on 20th Street in a jam-packed little loft apartment she’s had since the ’60s. (Costume designer) Ann Roth goes there to pull for any sort of period piece.” Vintage hats, stylist’s own



“I love wearing gold, jewels—shiny stuff.” Top to bottom: BOYNYC dinosaur bracelet, $210 at Custard Boutique; Elizabeth Thompson bangles, $130 each at ShopSCAD; white cuff, $24.95 at Smiles Forever,25 E. River St., 232-6949; Anne Hiddema NOIR pyramid cuff, stylist’s own


“Clothing trends lasts for a season. I prefer to spend money on accessorries.” Large caramel leather bag, $365 at ARC, 320 W. Broughton St., 234-1175,; Mika Secktor small leather bag, $130 at Shop SCAD; handkerchief, $6 at Measure, 311 Whitaker St., 209-0942; gloves, $18.95, and sunglasses, $12, at Civvies, 22 E. Broughton St., 236-1551,; ring, $130 at Custard