Hasta Mañana

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Photo by Mary Britton Senseney

One local brand of water is ridding the world of plastics one can at a time

Good ideas come in all shapes and sizes — and Sanders Monsees’s potentially planet-saving idea happens to take the shape of an aluminum can. The Savannah native has a simple solution to the problem of plastic-filled oceans: instead of reaching for a plastic bottle when you’re thirsty, twist the top off a Mañana, his new brand of locally produced canned water.

Monsees founded Mañana in January 2019 and soon began working with a local brewer to can the freshest water possible, all the way from an artesian spring outside Yosemite National Park.

Mañana aims “to start a conversation about the materials we currently use, and the ones that no longer serve us in a sustainable manner,” Monsees says. The name, which translates to “tomorrow” in Spanish, is a tribute to his time spent traveling and surfing throughout Latin America. It’s also a subtle reminder that humanity can’t keep punting the environmental crisis to the next generation, he says.

While plastic has a finite life after its first use, aluminum can be reused time and time again, and according to Monsees, it’s five to seven times more likely to be recycled than plastic in the United States. “People expect bottled water as the standard, but awareness of plastic pollution and waste is growing,” he says. “I wanted to bridge the gap.”

Monsees has long-term plans to source water from north Georgia rather than the Sierra Nevada, plus expand Mañana stock into more cafes and, eventually, grocery stores. Today, you can pick up a can of Mañana water at Foxy Loxy cafe, The Coffee Fox, Big Bon Bodega and Henny Penny.

After living in Charleston, where he witnessed recent environmental and entrepreneurial strides firsthand, Monsees made the conscious choice to return to his hometown to launch Mañana. “Savannah has the potential to be a beacon for sustainability and commerce for the South,” he says. We’ll drink to that.