Happy T(r)ails

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Sprung from winter’s clutches, Brianne Halverson, Dan Gilbert and their canine companion, Finn, give us the inside scoop on the best spots for walkin’ the dog. Photo by Alexander Dummer. 

With a wet winter that made us wonder whether we were living in northern climes, we couldn’t help but suffer from cabin fever—all five us (we had guests, including a pug) crowded into our two-bedroom bungalow.  It was enough—this lack of sun and dry, open space—to drive a human insane.  (How else to explain those high-waisted, flat-front trousers we purchased online?)

But now that the dogwood, azaleas and allergies have returned to the 912, canines and companions may rejoice, tails a-waggin’, as we sniff out new trails to traverse.  Here are a few that get a “paws up” from our schnauzer-terrier, Finn:

Walk … the Green Carpet

Start at Baldwin Park and stroll the linear promenade along Atlantic Avenue that leads to the Savannah Arts Academy.

Where: Baldwin Park (41st Street and Atlantic Avenue) to Hedeman Park (Atlantic and Washington avenues)

Pro: The beautiful homes flanking this palm-lined path and the numerous trash cans for easy waste disposal.

Con: Motorists hurrying on Victory Drive to Home Depot and Whole Foods (flash sale on kale!) won’t pause for you, even if you’re at a designated crosswalk.


Walk … in History’s Footsteps

Explore Fort Pulaski’s Civil War history while your pup marks his territory.

Where: U.S. 80 E on the way to Tybee Island

Pro: The 1.5-mile trail to the lighthouse through a beautiful formation of saluting palm trees

Con: There are gators in these parts, so be on the lookout.


Walk … then Run

Make it a day outdoors with a walk around Lake Mayer a jog around the track, and a picnic—complete with treats.

Where: 1850 E. Montgomery Crossroad

Pro: The dog exercise area is like happy hour for pups, but with more butt sniffing.

Con: The parking lot sees a lot of action, so make sure your dog isn’t wandering off leash.


Walk … on Water

Explore our coastal paradise from the vantage point of the University of Georgia Marine Science Center and Aquarium

Pro: The Jay Wolf Nature Trail, complete with maritime forest, Roebling oaks, salt marsh and a boardwalk with an information kiosk—who doesn’t love a good kiosk?

Con: As you wander, you’ll come across some old whiskey barrels—all that remain of an old still.  Prepare your sense for disappointment.  They no longer have liquid gold inside.

Where: 30 Ocean Science Circle, Skidaway Island


Walk … for Paws

For the eighth year, the Humane Society for Greater Savannah will host the Dog Lovers Walk, a 1.5-mile dog course along the scenic Deer Creek section of The Landings to help raise $25,000 for pets in need.

When: 8:30 a.m., March 22

Where: Messiah Lutheran Church, 1 Westridge Road