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A music writer’s guide to the latest and greatest albums by Savannah musicians. By Joshua Peacock

Lulu the Giant – Kingdoms Fall

A unique mix of blues, soul, folk and Americana, Lulu the Giant’s debut album is charmed by Rachael Shaner’s dulcet voice and songwriting, and rounded off by her superb upright bass lines.


Isaac Smith – Young Or Old

For his audacious debut solo album, singer-songwriter Isaac Smith delivers guileless love songs and introspective tunes helmed by his enchanting and robust baritone.


The Discussion – European Tour EP

Former Kylesa frontwoman Laura Pleasants is back with this solo project. Her deep yet soft vocals are sprinkled with melodic guitar riffs and subtle Middle-Eastern-influenced synthesizers for a sound that recalls The Cure and Iggy Pop. 

City Hotel – Don’t Go to the Porch

A tour-heavy 2017 brought City Hotel closer together, resulting in a tight and cohesive sophomore album. Jay Rudd (banjo) and Anthony Teixeira (bass) play more prominent roles in the compositions, while primary songwriters Cory Chambers (mandolin) and Aaron Zimmer (guitar) have perfected the band’s bluegrass sound.


Matt Eckstine – Matt Eckstine

Former Accomplices frontman Matt Eckstine patches together a rich tapestry of melodies, harmonies and multi-instrumental work in a brilliant showcase of Americana influenced by John Prine.


Dope Knife – NineteenEightyFour

MC Dope Knife’s latest hip-hop album is a collaborative effort, with several Savannah musicians lending samples for the beats. Knife delivers formidable lyrics on the self-produced project, drawing inspiration from legends like Nas and Wu-Tang Clan.


The Train Wrecks – Once Again

On their fourth studio album, The Train Wrecks crank it up a notch with alt-country tunes that veer into rock territory. With a metal background, new bassist Colin Motlagh adds edge to frontman Jason Bible’s country-western roots and Stu Harmening’s bluesy guitar licks. 


Danielle Hicks & The Resistance – Honey

Danielle Hicks’ debut album pulls out all the stops, with songs produced by Jim Scott of Tom Petty and Wilco fame, and backing musicians formerly paired with legends like Stevie Nicks and Beyoncé. Hicks’ soaring soprano steers her blues-rock vibe through danceable songs and beautiful ballads alike.


Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks – Acid Bath

Since emerging on the scene in 2017, Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks have garnered a loyal following for their psych-meets-garage-rock sound. This album is a groove-heavy experience that promises to bring listeners back to the days of Black Sabbath and Jefferson Airplane. 



Nancy Druid, a new indie-rock side-project from Coeds frontwoman Anna Chandler, is hitting the studio this spring … Known for her uplifting ukulele tunes, singer/songwriter Josephine Johnson recently returned from cutting her new album in San Francisco … After reuniting in 2017, hard-rock trio Cusses has been writing new material for their up-and-coming album … Meanwhile, Cusses drummer Brian Lackey has been moonlighting as producer on an EP by Brent Collins and Sean Malone of Machine Dreams (formerly Whaleboat) … Black Tusk, the band that coined the phrase “swamp metal” (a mashup of punk and heavy metal), is set to release their sixth studio record this spring—and their first with new bassist Corey Barhorst … Indie-rock stalwarts Clouds and Satellites released two singles in late 2017, building anticipation for a new album due out any day now.