A Downtown Gem: 13 Secrets

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With an expansion in the works, one of downtown’s most compelling boutiques will soon have even more room to dazzle visitors and locals alike — but for Savannahians with an eye for accessories, 13 Secrets is no secret at all.

Tucked away in a historic townhouse on Oglethorpe Street, the jewelry gallery opened its doors in 2016. Owners Manu Bansal and Chad Crawford set out to curate a space that offers wearable art of every description, from classically elegant to curious and bold. Crawford, a third-generation fine jeweler who found success through his own jewelry line and custom commissions, looks forward to creating an even more inviting shop for clients.

“I view my job as being a host,” the Waycross native explains. “My family’s business has always been about our relationship with the customer. The expansion is meant to be a space where we can sit, talk and remake pieces that our customers have inherited or aren’t utilizing anymore. We can create a new engagement ring start to finish. It’s what my family has been known for and still does today, and I want to keep that legacy going.” 

13 Secrets Art Deco bracelet Crawford designed with black enamel and hand-set Swarovski crystals
An Art Deco bracelet Crawford designed with black enamel and hand-set Swarovski crystals

Whether he’s helping a customer find a new setting for their great-aunt’s emerald necklace or redesigning a family ring through sketches and CAD illustrations, Crawford strives to act as a medium between the client’s vision and the final piece. 

“Throughout my career, I’ve been able to do everything from over-the-top, whimsical pieces to very tailored, 

very traditional work, depending on the day. That’s what makes jewelry interesting,” he says. “I feel like my goal is to get to know the client and make sure the pieces speak to their style.”

In addition to custom creations, 13 Secrets seeks to elevate the work of jewelers and artists from around the world. Throughout the year, the shop rotates work from more than 60 makers and artists, both established and new. 

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“I want to give a platform for as many different types of artists as possible,” Crawford says.

Given 13 Secrets’ broad customer base, Crawford also stresses the importance of offering quality accessories at every price point.

“People have an impression that jewelry is either cheaply made overseas or outside of their budget,” he says. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be that. Here, we have items ranging from under $20 to over six figures.”

The shop’s expansion reflects Crawford’s ultimate goal for his shop to be a source of inspiration, where customers can peruse his line, repurpose pieces that have been sitting untouched in their own jewel boxes, and discover new designers. At 13 Secrets, it’s all about nurturing a passion for elegance, art and community.