The Best of Savannah: Pets

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From thousands of reader surveys comes our inimitable Best of Everything list. Categories run from appetizers to desserts, bike shops to barbershops. Here, the year’s best of pets including sitters, vets, groomers and more. 

Pet Groomer

Top Dog Grooming Spa

50 Berwick Blvd. Suite 360
Your pup will feel like the leader of the pack after a visit to Top Dog, where grooming services include bathing, nail trimming, teeth brushing, de-shedding treatments and full spa packages.
Runner up: Carol’s Pampered Pets

Pet Sitter

Carol’s Pampered Pets

341 Commercial Dr.
Carol’s Pampered Pets is determined to set pet owners’ minds at ease with doggie daycare and boarding that takes into account your animal’s preferences and personality.
Runner up: Blissful Buddah

Pet Supplies


4501 Habersham St.
All-natural, nutrient-rich food free of byproducts and preservatives is a hallmark at Tailsspin, where commitment runs deep, extending to health supplements, flea and tick treatments, and grooming products, as well as gourmet treats, toys and accessories. Opened in 2007 by owners Jusak Bernhard and Jeffrey Manley, the store also supports pet rescue campaigns and hosts vaccine clinics.
Runner up: Woof Gang Bakery

Best Veterinarian

Dr. Carla Case-McCorvery

111 Eisenhower Dr.
As the fourth-generation owner of her family’s veterinary hospital, Dr. Carla Case-McCorvey goes to work each day surrounded by history: diplomas, her great-grandfather’s anatomy books, and even her own memories of playing in the halls as a child. Though Case Veterinary Hospital is now 110 years old, no two days are the same there—and that’s just how Dr. Case-McCorvey likes it. Here, she shares a day of her life.

7:30 a.m.: “Our first responsibility is taking care of pets that are here from the day or night before. We may have patients who had surgery or are hospitalized because they’re sick.”

8:30 a.m.: All doctors on the floor. Along with Case-McCorvey, there are five other veterinarians, who decide on treatment for the animals. “Some are routine surgeries, like a spay/neuter, while others may need additional blood results, X-rays, and continued monitoring, so we’ll call the owner and make a plan for the day.”

9 a.m.: Appointments begin. “We’ll see a patient every 30 minutes, with each doctor’s schedule staggered so everyone isn’t gone at the same time. This is interspersed with surgeries and urgent patients who need to be seen right away.”

1-2 p.m.: Lunch. “We very rarely go out. The break is usually used for catch-up time: reviewing lab work to decide how to treat a case, or calling a client who has questions you need a little more time to go over.”

2-6 p.m.: More appointments and surgeries. “Some clients have been coming here for years because they knew my dad or grandfather. My mother used to work here too, from when I was a little girl until I went to college. Clients tell me a lot of stories about my family that I would never know otherwise.”

8 p.m.: Closed for the day. “There’s no buzzer that rings and everyone walks out the door. We stay until every pet is taken care of and every client is called.” Then she goes home to her husband, two children, two dogs and three cats.
Runner up: Savannah Veterinary Medical Center