The Best Of Savannah Doctors 2023

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Providing excellent patient care while keeping up with the latest medical innovations is no easy feat, but these Best of Doctors honorees do it seamlessly

Interviews by LILY AVERY
Photography by MICHAEL SCHALK

Bruce D. Finkel, MD, Coastal Allergy & Asthma
Runner-up: Wasil Kahn, MD, PhD, SouthCoast Health

William M. Fuqua, MD, Anesthesia Associates Savannah
Runner-up: John Solitario, MD, Anesthesia Consultants of Savannah

Susan Timna, AuD, CCC-A, Expert Hearing … Your Concierge Solution
Runner-up: Cori Palmer, AuD, CCC-A, Expert Hearing … Your Concierge Solution

Oliver C. Whipple, MD, Memorial Health
Runner-up: Robert J. Kelly, MD, Memorial Health

Jennifer L. Yeh, MD, Memorial Health
Runner-up: Roy D. Flood, MD, FACC, SouthCoast Health

Chadwick W. Stouffer, MD, Memorial Health
Runner-up:  Jeremy E. London, MD, St. Joseph’s/Candler

Layton Truax, DC, TrüMove Chiropractic Wellness
Runner-up: Todd M. Titus, DC, Titus Chiropractic & Sports Therapy

Nizar S. Eskandar, MD, FACP, CMCM, SouthCoast Health
Runner-up: Ryan Moody, MD, FCCP, Southeast Lung Associates


Mark N. Dye, DMD, Mark N. Dye, DMD LLC
Runner-up: Roy D. Maynard Jr., DDS, Georgetown Family Dental

Sojourner Mays, RDH, Georgetown Family Dental
Runner-up: Melissa Plumber, Poston Dental

Roy D. Maynard Jr., DDS, Georgetown Family Dental
Runner-up: Mark N. Dye, DMD, Mark N. Dye, DMD LLC

Michael C. Wilson, DMD, Chatham Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Runner-up: Paul M. Hinchey, DMD, MD, Chatham Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Christopher Deleon, DMD, Broderick, Dusek & Deleon Orthodontics
Runner-up: Mark Dusek, DDS, MS, Broderick, Dusek & Deleon Orthodontics

Corinne Howington, MD, Low Country Dermatology & Aesthetics
Runner-up: Claudia N. Gaughf, MD, Gaughf Dermatology

David S. Oliver, MD, FACS, Coastal Ear, Nose & Throat
Runner-up: Michael Zoller, MD, FACS, ENT Associates of Savannah

Sanjay Iyer, MD, Memorial Health
Runner-up: Jay D. Goldstein, MD, Memorial Health

Dr. Sanjay Iyer


Sanjay Iyer, MD 
Memorial Health

From the outside looking in, emergency care might feel like a numbers game. For Dr. Sanjay Iyer, that couldn’t be further from the truth. He isn’t just providing expert, immediate care; he’s supporting patients during their most vulnerable moments. Every patient Iyer treats leaves a lasting impression on him.
He seeks to do the same. 

“When people come to the ER, they usually come in feeling at their worst or pretty bad,” Iyer explains. “One of the most rewarding parts of my job is alleviating pain and suffering. And, ideally, diagnosing and treating diseases that are causing them pain.” 

When reflecting on his experiences in the emergency room, one recent patient comes to mind. The patient, a woman in her 30s, arrived at the ER suffering from a stroke. 

“You don’t imagine someone in their 30s having a stroke, but she was,” says Iyer. “Thankfully, we were able to administer the clot-busting medications that were needed for an acute stroke, and she made a full, 100% recovery. It was really satisfying to be able to help her in that moment.” If it weren’t for Iyer’s quick action, this patient could have suffered permanent paralysis or worse. 

Iyer adds that without the entire ER team, he wouldn’t be able to provide that high level of care. “I work with a great team of doctors, nurses and support staff,” says Iyer. 

“It’s important to give credit to all of the Memorial ER staff. Everyone. It takes a whole team to make a successful ER.”

Ismary O. De Castro, MD, Savannah Endocrinology
Runner-up: Abby T. Abisogun, MD, ECNU, Shoreline Endocrinology

Yulianty D. Kusuma, MD, FACP, Internal Medicine of Savannah
Runner-up: Christopher J. Oldfield, MD, SouthCoast Health

Craig K. Skalla, DPM, SouthCoast Health
Runner-up: David Valbuena, DPM, Georgia Foot & Ankle

Dr. Mark Murphy


Mark Murphy, MD
Center for Digestive and Liver Health

Dr. Mark Murphy is passionate about colons, specifically screening colonoscopies. With colon cancer ranking as the third most common cancer in the United States, Murphy is dedicated to sharing the importance of regular colonoscopies with every patient he sees. 

Colon cancer is a tricky disease. Patients typically don’t exhibit symptoms until the malignancy is quite large and more difficult to treat. However, if caught in the early stages, it is often easily cured with surgery. With regular screening colonoscopies, Murphy explains, precancerous colon polyps can often be detected and removed before the cancer has had time to develop. According to the American Cancer Society, individuals should start screening measures at age 45. 

Murphy recalls a patient he was able to treat for asymptomatic colon cancer after a routine screening. This finding prompted the patient’s husband to get a colonoscopy as well, who was also found to have colon cancer. Murphy was able to easily remove the cancerous polyps in both patients. A seemingly simple, routine screening saved both their lives. To Murphy, this is what gets him out of bed each morning.

“There is no award, no accolade, no paycheck and no other aspect of any job that is more rewarding than having improved someone else’s life,” Murphy says. “I get up every day excited for the opportunity to help someone else.”

Rebecca Hart, ANP-BC, IFMCP, Faith, Hope & Wellness
Runner-up: Tassie Hargrove, BS, DC, ANA, Holistic Wellness Center of Savannah

Mark E. Murphy, MD, The Center for Digestive & Liver Health
Runner-up: Branden S. Hunter, MD, Gastroenterology Consultants of Savannah

Jeffrey S. Mandel, MD, FACS, SouthCoast Health
Runner-up: T. Ellis “Chip” Barnes IV, MD, Memorial Health

Dr. Jeffrey Mandel


Jeffrey Mandel, MD, FACS
SouthCoast Health

General surgeons regularly take advantage of incredible technology to improve lives in myriad ways. From routine procedures to complex operations, these surgeons do it all. To Dr. Jeffrey Mandel, of all the operations he performs, a surgery to counter persistent reflux called LINX is particularly a point of pride. 

“Thousands battle persistent reflux daily,” says Mandel. “This procedure addresses the cause of the problem rather than just preventing heartburn. It’s allowed me to help far more patients who are struggling with this disease.”

The LINX procedure involves implanting a LINX device — a “bracelet” of magnetic titanium beads — around the base of the esophagus to improve the body’s ability to prevent reflux. Mandel began performing the procedure in 2013 as an alternative to the more commonly performed Nissen fundoplication, where the top of the stomach is wrapped around the base of the esophagus to control reflux, and he has championed the efficacy of the device ever since. 

“The LINX device is a game changer,” says Mandel. “It allows patients to no longer be dependent on medications to control their reflux. It has the same efficacy of the Nissen but with fewer side effects and is more durable.”

Over the last decade, Mandel has performed this procedure hundreds of times, hitting a milestone this year with his 500th procedure. 

He hopes to see this number continue to grow as more patients — and doctors — become familiarized with the surgery. 

“As more people have the device and have excellent results, more patients will choose to have the procedure rather than be dependent on medication for the rest of their lives,” says Mandel.


Andrew Tucker, MD, St. Joseph’s/Candler
Runner-up: Sarah C. Jarrell, MD, FACOG, Savannah ObGyn

Andrew Tucker, MD, St. Joseph’s/Candler
Sarah C. Jarrell, MD, FACOG, Savannah ObGyn
Runner-up: Carmela A. Pettigrew, MD, The Rejuvenation Clinic of Savannah and OB/GYN Specialists of Savannah

Joseph T. Stubbs III, MD, FFPMRS, FACOG, UROGYN Savannah
Runner-up: Barry Schlafstein, MD, St. Joseph’s/Candler

Timothy Minton, MD, FACS, Minton MD Hair Restoration Center at Savannah Facial Plastic Surgery
Runner-up: E. Ronald Finger, MD, Finger & Associates Plastic Surgery Center

Coastal Care Partners
Runner-up: THA Concierge Care

Alliance Home Medical
Runner-up: AeroCare

Harry Collins, DO, Savannah Age Management Medicine
Runner-up (TIE): Carmela A. Pettigrew, MD, The Rejuvenation Clinic of Savannah and OB/GYN Specialists of Savannah
Pamela G. Gaudry, MD, The Georgia Center for Menopausal Medicine

Hospice Savannah, Inc.
Runner-up: Georgia Hospice Care

Melissa Wynn, MD, Southern Surgical Providers, PC
Runner-up: Nenad Avramovski, MD, SouthCoast Health

Yulianty D. Kusuma, MD, FACP, Internal Medicine of Savannah
Runner-up: Misal Patel, MD, SouthCoast Health

Nizar S. Eskandar, MD, FACP, CMCM, SouthCoast Health
Runner-up: Rebecca L. Sentman, MD, Nephrology and Hypertension Medical Associates

Victor W. Rosenfeld, MD, Rosenfeld Neurology and Sleep
Runner-up (TIE): J. Michael Hemphill, MD, Savannah Neurology Specialists
Stephen N. Donahue, MD, Savannah Neurology Specialists

Louis G. Horne IV, MD, Neurological & Spine Institute
Runner-up: Kevin N. Ammar, MD, Neurological & Spine Institute


James R. Glazier Jr., CRNA, The Georgia Institute for Plastic Surgery
Runner-up: Gayle Ridgway, DNP, CRNA, The Georgia Institute
for Plastic Surgery

Caroline Turner, FNP-C, Low Country Dermatology & Aesthetics
Runner-up: Brianna Sapp, FNP-C, Savannah Facial Plastic Surgery

Jason Cook, LPN, Savannah Facial Plastic Surgery
Runner-up: Heather May Mathis, RN, The Georgia Institute
for Plastic Surgery

Elizabeth Childress, NP (ACNP), Coastal Care Partners
Runner-up: Punam Sheth, NP-C, MSN, Coastal Pediatrics

Elizabeth Hinely Childress, NP
Photo by Christine Hall Photography


Elizabeth Hinely Childress, NP


Coastal Care Partners

Since opening its doors in 2019, the team at Coastal Care Partners has continued to evolve and expand its services to better fit the needs of the community. In 2021, as part of that evolution, Coastal Care Partners embarked on a new venture, offering concierge medicine primary care and concierge pediatrics in addition to the in-home care and other services for aging adults. As with all of their offerings, they approached this new endeavor with one goal: providing personalized care for their patients. 

As a nurse practitioner at Coastal Care Partners, Elizabeth Hinely Childress joined the practice in 2021 to help start the concierge program. After two years, this service has grown to provide care to over 200 patients in the area.

“We build more of a relationship with our patients, and they become more like family when it comes to sitting down and spending an hour with our patients versus 15 minutes and having them wait two hours,” says Childress. 

“Not only is it beneficial to the patients, but it’s beneficial to us to be able to grow that relationship with them. It’s important that our patients feel comfortable telling us what’s going on.” 

Childress notes a recent patient experience that highlights why their approach to healthcare is not only more personal but can lead to positive outcomes. “We noticed something was off with our patient,” she says. “It was a slight change in their breathing, something you wouldn’t notice unless you’re with the patient often.” An early diagnosis of lung cancer, Childress explains, was possible due to the intimate relationships practitioners at Coastal Care Partners are able to develop with their patients. 

“When you spend a lot of time with a patient, you’re able to see a little bit more of the picture and can diagnose a little better and get the right patient care plan sooner,” Childress says. 

Jessica Glover, MSN, NP-C, Coastal Pediatrics
Runner-up: Samantha Bossak, FNP, Coastal Care Partners

Heather Mell, NP-C, Shrink Savannah

Melanie Brainard, FNP, Coastal Care Partners
Runner-up: Brandy Aliotta, APRN, BC, St. Joseph’s/Candler

Sandra G. Brassard, RD, LD, CDCES, Internal Medicine of Savannah, Southern Comfort Nutrition
Runner-up: Rebekah M. Laurance, RD, LD, CDCES, SouthCoast Health

J. David Carson, MD, ExperCARE Health

Bob Phillips, OTR/L, CHT, COMT, Optim Orthopedics
Runner-up: Kristen VanVlek, OTD, OTR/L, CPAM, Pediatric Rehabilitation & Wellness

Mark A. Taylor, MD, Summit Cancer Care
Runner-up (TIE): O. George Negrea, MD, Low Country Cancer Care
Jennifer Yannucci, MD, Low Country Cancer Care

Richard Schulze Jr., MD, Schulze Eye & Surgery Center
Runner-up: Mark K. Manocha, MD, Georgia Eye Institute

Erika Morrow, MS, OD, ForSight Unique Eye Care & Eye Wear
Runner-up: Edward D. Sammons, OD, SouthCoast Health

Dr. Erika Morrow
Photo by Shot by Somi Studios


Erika Morrow, MS, OD
ForSight Unique Eye Care & Eye Wear 

For practitioners in the field of optometry, providing patients with the gift of improved vision is the name of the game. But for those with irregular or difficult prescriptions, corrective options like glasses or contacts are often limited. At ForSight Unique Eye Care & Eye Wear,  Dr. Erika Morrow provides an alternative for those patients in the form of specialty contact lenses. 

“People who have severe corneal disease, severe dry eye, conditions like keratoconus, people who have had refractive surgery that didn’t end up with a great result, people who have had a procedure called radial keratotomy, it leaves their cornea very distorted,” says Morrow. “So you can’t put a contact on the cornea because the cornea is already so unhealthy.” 

Using tools like the Eaglet-Eye Eye Surface Profiler (ESP) and the medmont meridia Advanced Topographer, Morrow is able to measure and map out even the smallest detail of the eye. The ESP captures up to 350,000 measurement points across a 20 millimeter area of the eye’s surface, while the medmont meridia provides exceptional color imaging of the patient’s eye. From there, Morrow can design specialty contact lenses that meet the patient’s exact needs. 

Morrow recalls one patient, a well-known local plumber, who came to her after undergoing numerous unsuccessful surgeries on his corneas. “He couldn’t see much when he came to me,” says Morrow. “It was really impacting his ability to work and to live normally.” With the help of specialty lenses designed by Morrow, his visibility is far sharper, improving his work — and his golf game.

The only optometrist in the region to provide this service, Morrow aims to continue spreading the word about the advantages of the specialty contact lenses she offers. 

“There are more people out there who could benefit from these lenses than you would think,” says Morrow.

“I want people who think they’ve run out of options to know there’s another solution. I’m here, and I want to help.”


John T. Prather, MD, Chatham Orthopaedic Associates
Runner-up: Juha Jaakkola, MD, Optim Orthopedics

Ronald H. Levit, MD, Chatham Orthopaedic Associates
Runner-up: Gregory Kolovich, MD, Optim Orthopedics

Dr. Gregory Kolovich


Gregory Kolovich, MD
Optim Orthopedics

Thinking small is Dr. Gregory Kolovich’s specialty, at least when it comes to X-rays. During his fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital, the idea to develop a portable handheld X-ray machine first came to Kolovich. We’ve miniaturized cell phones and computers, he thought, so why not X-rays? 

“Sometimes you just need a quick X-ray, whether it’s in surgery or on the sideline of a sporting event,” says Kolovich.

“Either way, X-rays are extremely important because they’re the first and last imaging modality. The whole treatment process starts and ends with an X-ray. It’s really the cornerstone of orthopedics.” 

Dubbed the Micro C, the handheld X-ray doesn’t require a degree in radiology or orthopedics to use. In fact, anyone can use it. With a built-in telemedicine platform, the user can take a quick X-ray of the afflicted area and use the software to connect with a medical professional who can triage the injury. 

While the device is gaining popularity in nursing homes, urgent cares and at sporting events, its aid to third-world countries is where this device truly shines. Kolovich takes annual mission trips around the world and has discovered a great need for the Micro C. He notes that over two-thirds of the world doesn’t have access to simple X-rays, resulting in a lack of treatment for even the simplest problems. 

“You have a young kid who got kicked by a horse in Kenya who might have a terrible injury, but they don’t have access to an X-ray,” says Kolovich. “So they walk around with these problems which are easily correctable by conventional means, but they don’t even have a way to diagnose it because they don’t have X-ray.” 

To combat this problem, Kolovich and his team are partnering with Parkway Venture Capital and Intel Capital to reduce the cost of the device to expand accessibility to third-world countries.

“Our mission statement is we allow anyone, anytime, anywhere to shoot an X-ray,” says Kolovich. “And we truly mean that. Everyone should have access. Everyone.”

Charles A. Hope II, MD, Optim Orthopedics
Runner-up: Robert Dow Hoffman, MD, Chatham Orthopaedic Associates

James W. Wilson Jr., MD, Optim Orthopedics
Runner-up: Robert Dow Hoffman, MD, Chatham Orthopaedic Associates

D’mitri Sofianos, MD, Chatham Orthopaedic Associates
Runner-up: Thomas E. Niemeier, MD, Optim Orthopedics

Mark A. Jenkins, DO, Chatham Orthopaedic Associates
Runner-up: Regina D. Dandy, DO, SouthCoast Health

Chatham Orthopaedic Associates
Runner-up: Optim Orthopedics

Joseph Hegarty, MD, Optim Pain Management
Runner-up: Keith A. Kirby, MD, Savannah Pain Management & Savannah Pain Center

Ben Spitalnick, MD, MBA, FAAP, Pediatric Associates of Savannah
Runner-up: Dudley W. Stone, MD, Coastal Pediatrics

Kevin Winders, MD, LifeStance Health

Kristi Hofstadter-Duke, PhD, Savannah Behavioral Pediatrics
Runner-up: Shauna Joye, PhD, LP, Joye Psychology & Wellness, LLC

Dr. Kristi Hofstadter-Duke
Photo by Kayley Savannah Photography


Kristi Hofstadter-Duke, PhD 
Savannah Behavioral Pediatrics

For Dr. Kristi Hofstadter-Duke, the most rewarding aspect of the job stretches beyond the walls of her practice.

She does more than tackle concerning adolescent behavior; she creates a better quality of life for the children she helps. 

Earlier this year, Hofstadter-Duke was reminded of the magnitude of her work and the lasting impact it has on her patients and their families. 

Hofstadter-Duke had been working with a young girl who was struggling with crippling anxiety. She hadn’t seen the patient in months when she received a text message from the child’s mother. 

“The mom said she just wanted me to know that her daughter was doing exceptionally well,” Hofstadter-Duke recalls. “She had a great school year. When I saw her, there was a lot of avoidance of things that were worrying or made her anxious, and the mom said the daughter was now going to sleepaway camp. It was such a huge milestone for her.” 

Hofstadter-Duke says she can’t take all the credit, though. When working with adolescent patients, a lot of her process involves teaching parents how to provide the right support to get the right results. If the parents are willing to put in the work, the likelihood of success is higher, she says. And this patient’s mom was clearly dedicated to doing her homework.

“Often when the parents are the most invested and they really put in place things that we come together and talk about, that’s when we see the really significant impact that has a lasting effect,” says Hofstadter-Duke. “That patient’s mom deserves a lot of the credit, because there are so many times that we meet with families, and we don’t always see the same results. This outcome was awesome.”

Evan M. Siegall, MD, Chatham Orthopaedic Associates
Runner-up: Christopher H. Rittmeyer, MD, Memorial Health

Anthony B. Royek, MD, Memorial Health
Runner-up: Arthur M. Baker, MD, Memorial Health

Village Walk Pharmacy
Runner-up: Georgetown Drug Company

Ernest R. Ledesma Jr., PT, Ledesma Sports Medicine
Runner-up: Andrew Aberle, PT, DPT, Independent Physical Therapy of Georgia, LLC

Angela M. Ring-Scarboro, PA-C, Internal Medicine of Savannah
Runner-up: Elizabeth B. Brennan, PA-C, Low Country Dermatology
& Aesthetics


Thomas W. Horn, MD, The Georgia Institute for Plastic Surgery
Runner-up: Richard J. Greco, MD, The Georgia Institute for Plastic Surgery

Timothy Minton, MD, FACS, Savannah Facial Plastic Surgery
Runner-up: Thomas W. Horn, MD, The Georgia Institute for Plastic Surgery

Thomas W. Horn, MD, The Georgia Institute for Plastic Surgery
Runner-up: Richard J. Greco, MD, The Georgia Institute for Plastic Surgery

Kevin Winders, MD, LifeStance Health
Runner-up: Chad Brock, MD, Shrink Savannah

Daniel S. Haddad, LCSW, LISW, MAC, Savannah Therapy
Runner-up: Shauna Joye, PhD, LP, Joye Psychology & Wellness, LLC

Ryan B. Moody, MD, FCCP, Southeast Lung Associates
Runner-up: Gifford W. Lorenz, MD, Southeast Lung Associates

Dr. Ryan Moody


Ryan Moody, MD, FCCP
Southeast Lung Associates

Dr. Ryan Moody always knew he wanted to practice medicine. From a young age, math and science came naturally to him, and he always had an eagerness to help others, so a career in the medical field was a no-brainer. 

Moody chose pulmonary critical care just as easily. Often considered one of the more taxing specialties, he found that his ability to remain calm in high-stress environments was best suited for critical care. Now, with 15 years of experience under his belt, Moody carries the same passion for critical care that he did when he first started practicing. 

“It is not an easy specialty, in terms of how sick people are when you see them,” Moody says.

“I really like that no matter what the situation is, no matter how sick someone is, I am ready for it. I’m trained for it.”

When it comes to quality care, Moody prides himself on being ready to handle any medical situation thrown at him with ease, and aims to bring that same composure to each of his patient interactions. Surgery and critical care needs are often stressful situations for patients and their loved ones to navigate. Moody strives to offset that stress as much as possible. 

“No matter what, I try to make sure that my demeanor makes it easy for these patients, so they feel at ease when they’re receiving care from me,” says Moody. “That’s what’s most important.”

Jack Considine, MD, Coastal Imaging; GLOBIS: Global Imaging Solutions; The Center for Women’s Health
Runner-up: Robert “Hunter” Dunlap, MD, Savannah Chatham Imaging

Patrick Blohm, MD, The Georgia Center for Reproductive Medicine
Runner-up: John Schnorr, MD, Coastal Fertility Specialists

Than Win, MD, Wrightington Rheumatology
Runner-up: Dean H. Stephens, MD, Coastal Rheumatology Associates

Dr. Jack Considine


Jack Considine, MD
CEO and Founder of Coastal Imaging, Global Imaging Solutions and The Center for Women’s Health

When it comes to the medical field, there are few disciplines as anxiety inducing for patients as radiology. There is the cold, clinical atmosphere, the intimidating machines and, perhaps worst of all, the seemingly endless wait for the results. And for women — who have a whole suite of additional imaging needs, from mammograms to ultrasounds — this can be an especially vulnerable, stressful experience. 

These concerns were at the forefront when Dr. Jack Considine and Coastal Imaging opened The Center for Women’s Health in May 2022. From the moment patients walk into the center, with its serene, spa-like atmosphere and welcoming staff, they know this won’t be their typical mammogram.

“It’s a spa inside and absolutely beautiful,” says Considine. “The combination of the latest technology with an exceptional, fellowship-trained mammographer onsite, Dr. Jessica Wilder, sets our center apart.” 

The Center for Women’s Health prides itself on being a one-of-a-kind facility by women, for women, with a best-in-class staff who’ve spent their entire careers tending to women and their imaging needs. “Health needs are very personal to women, and our facility gives them a place where they can relax and be vulnerable,” Considine says.

“There is comfort in knowing that the staff taking care of you faces the same concerns and questions about their own health.”

Now, more than a year since opening, the practice is providing lifesaving care to a growing number of patients through the early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer.

“These patients are someone’s mom, wife or sister,” says Wilder. “Knowing that we found a small cancer that they can go on to have treated so they can continue to live their lives with their loved ones is the ultimate reward — and why we do what we do.”

Dr. Robert Hunter Dunlap


Robert “Hunter” Dunlap, MD
Savannah Chatham Imaging

When considering the plethora of technological and procedural advancements in the world of interventional radiology, one stands out among the rest to Dr. Robert “Hunter” Dunlap: prostate artery embolization (PAE). This nonsurgical option is designed to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or an enlarged prostate. The procedure is wildly successful, with little to no recovery time, and Dunlap is currently the only physician in the region who offers it. 

“It’s an excellent option for patients who are not surgical candidates or who don’t want to go through surgery,” says Dunlap.

“Providing this procedure has opened the door for me to help a lot of men who previously didn’t have a lot of treatment options, if any. And that’s what it’s all about — being of service, providing care and offering patients relief so they can live their life.” 

According to Dunlap, 75% of men over 70 years old, and 80% of men over 80 years old, will have symptoms of BPH. Medication is typically the first treatment, then an assessment can be made whether a surgical or nonsurgical option is the best route for the patient, depending on age, current medications and other personal factors. 

“During the PAE procedure, we go up through the blood vessel of the prostate, and we put tiny little beads — they’re microscopic, smaller than grains of sand — into the blood vessel that feeds the prostate,” Dunlap explains. “It softens the prostate and shrinks the gland and reduces the symptoms of BPH without the patient having to have surgery.” Recovery time is nearly nonexistent after a PAE. Patients can typically return to work the following day. 

Although a common issue among men, Dunlap does find that discussing PAE is often an uncomfortable conversation for many patients to initiate with their doctors. “It can be a difficult thing to talk about, but once you move past the stigma, in general, the overall satisfaction
of having the procedure is very, very high,” says Dunlap. “It really does make a huge difference in your quality of life.”

Christopher Melroy, MD,FARS, Georgia Nasal & Sinus Institute
Runner-up: David S. Oliver, MD, FACS, Coastal Ear, Nose and Throat

Carlton R. Kemp Jr., MD, Memorial Health Southeast Sleep Disorders Center
Runner-up: James A. Daly III, MD, FCCP, FAASM, Southeast Lung Associates

Brittany P. Tyler, MS, CCC-SLP, The Speech Clinic of the Coastal Empire; RiteCare Center for Communication Disorders (formerly with Chatterbox Pediatric Therapy)
Runner-up (TIE): Ansley Sellers, CCC-SLP, The Speech Clinic of the Coastal Empire
Tory Candea, SLPD, CCC-SLP, CBIS, CDP, CTSS, RiteCare Center for Communication Disorders

Marc Bailey, MD, FACS, St. Joseph’s/Candler
Runner-up: Chadwick W. Stouffer, MD, Memorial Health

ExperCARE Health
Runner-up: Urgent Care of Berwick, Midtown, Sandfly & Wilmington Island

Catherine Grant, MSPAS, PA-C, DFAAPA


Catherine Grant, MSPAS, PA-C, DFAAPA
Founder and CEO of ExperCARE Health

For Catherine Grant and her team at ExperCARE Health, constant change is the key to their success. When Grant set out to start a health clinic in 2009, her primary goal was to create a better model and experience for both healthcare professionals and patients when it comes to urgent care.

Fourteen years later, with five current locations in the region, it’s safe to say she met the mark — and then some.

“We wanted to create a more seamless transaction for people so that it fits into their lifestyle,” says Grant. “People don’t want to have to make an appointment weeks ahead of time. They want to be able to walk in when they have a need and get it taken care of and use their insurance and feel like they’re not compromising quality because of convenience.”

To receive care at any ExperCARE Health facility, patients can either schedule a same-day appointment from their phone or computer, or simply walk into any of the five locations to receive care. From providing basic routine care to more extensive testing, such as X-rays and electrocardiograms (EKGs), ExperCARE Health is a one-stop shop for those looking for quick, reliable health care that fits into any busy lifestyle. 

When visiting an ExperCARE Health location, expect to be talking to a physician within 15 minutes of arriving. And over 90% of any diagnostic testing needed can be done onsite. Patients can even follow up with an ExperCARE Health physician like they would any other provider. “We’ll stick with them and be their primary contact until they have someone else,” says Grant. “At the end of the day, we want people to know that we’re here for them, no matter what.”

Grant’s next goal? ExperCARE Health is set to open two more locations in Georgia, one in Hinesville and another in Rincon, by year’s end.

Buffi G. Boyd, MD, Urological Associates of Savannah, PC
Runner-up: Thomas E. Shook, MD, Urological Associates of Savannah

E. Jerry Cohn Jr., MD, Savannah Vascular Institute
Runner-up: Anthony J. Avino, MD, Savannah Vascular Institute

Steve Fabrizio, MD, Premier Medical Weight Loss & Wellness
Runner-up: Don Gates, MD, Scale Solutions

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