Where The Foodies Go

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The question that launched a thousand conversations: Where should we eat? 

In Savannah—where the only thing that outnumbers local restaurants are opinions about local restaurants—it can be hard to decipher where the good stuff actually is. For the hard and fast rules on what’s no-fuss delicious, we chatted with a handful of resident gurus whose taste buds we trust implicitly. From quick counters to fan favorites, here’s the list. 

“My wife and I tend to gravitate to the same spots, but if we want to snack and share food, we hit up The Wyld or Atlantic. Both spots are come-as-you-are and offer small or big plates at prices that don’t hurt the wallet too much.”

—Jason B. James, food photographer and stylist 

“Crystal Beer Parlor.”

— John O. Morisano, The Grey Restaurant

“Fire Street Food on Perry Street. It has a variety of Asian cuisine—I love their lemongrass chicken, and it’s a good place to go before a show. Second one is Sandfly BBQ at the Streamliner—I love their Brunswick Stew. It’s also kid-friendly and their coconut cake is the best in town. As a single lady, I feel comfortable going to these place by myself, and sometimes I will do takeout.”

—Shannon Lancaster, Lady Lancaster 

“Vinnie Van Go-Go’s. So damn good.”

—Donald Card, Taste of Savannah

“I’m a snacker! I’m obsessed with the house-made garlic cheese spread at Smith Brothers Butcher Shop. I always buy a half pint and a box of Nut Thins. Then I look for a closet to hide inside and eat it all by myself.”

—Libbie Summers, lifestyle blogger and food stylist

“My go-to place for lunch is Chive. Lately, I have been ordering the petite filet which I love rare, and they do it perfectly served with veggies and no starches. So, I can eat it guilt free.”

—Dede Mays, local food enthusiast 

“The bar at Circa 1875 is my no-fuss go-to for fabulous food.”

—Meta Adler, caterer and food stylist

“My grandma’s house. She’s South Korean and it’s the best Korean food that you can’t find in a restaurant. Or, if I’m running around town, the sandwich counter at Smith Brothers Butcher Shop is a hidden gem.”

—Anna Heritage, Big Bon Pizza

Photography by Jason B. James