Twinkle all the Way

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Since 2003, Paula Danyluk has operated her dreamy shop, The Paris Market and Brocante, on bustling Broughton Street in downtown Savannah. Danyluk’s talent tastefully informs every nook of the store, lending the shopping experience a feeling of romance and old world adventure. Now, after years of claiming jewelry design as a mere hobby, she brilliantly unveils her new jewelry line, Fallen Aristocrat. 

Photo by Jamie Beck for Ann Street Studio

Garrett Hayes Kaminsky: Your talent has always been evident in all that you do; what drew you to jewelry design?

Paula Danyluk: It started as a hobby. When I’m out of [The Paris Market], I need to be doing something with my hands. I can’t sit still. When I would go antiquing, I would always come home with piles of vintage jewelry. I started to fall in love with certain pieces. The next thing I knew I was buying a jeweler’s workbench with cleaning and engraving tools. I would get lost in that for hours. It was just so therapeutic. 

GHK: At what point did you decide to create your own jewelry line?

PD: I used to give my friends little pieces that I made as gifts. They were special. One day my husband said “You should do something with these.” He pushes me and I push him — in good ways. 

GHK: The collection is so unique. What excites you the most about it?

PD: I love that every piece has its own story. I think of them as modern heirlooms. Each piece is displayed in one of the vintage jewelry boxes that I continue to collect from antique stores on my travels, mostly in France. 

Lover’s Eye pendant. Photo by Jamie Beck for Ann Street Studio

GHK: How did you come up with the name Fallen Aristocrat?

PD: I was purging my closet one day and found the name on a little scrap of paper folded up in a purse. I couldn’t remember where I had written it down or why, but I knew this had to be the name.

GHK: When you think of who wears your jewelry, how would you describe her?

PD: I love that question. She’s not afraid to show her personality. She’s creative, and she thinks for herself. With this line, you can layer up and play with the pieces to figure out what works for you. 

GHK: How would you describe your personal style?

PD: I’m usually not dressed my best because of what I do at work, but as long as I have accessories, I’m good. I like to buy a piece of jewelry for myself when I travel. I consider it my tangible memory. 

GHK: Do you have a favorite memory of jewelry from childhood?

PD: I was always very much a girly girl. My grandmother kept her makeup and jewelry in her bathroom — it smelled like rose perfume. I would go in and lock the door, put on her face powder and bright red lipstick and play with every piece of jewelry. She was so great because she would let me do it.

GHK: Following a dream can be overwhelming. Do you have any advice to share?

Lover’s Eye brooches. Photo by Christine Hall

PD: I think what people do is get scared of the fear of failing, so they cop out early. Anyone can do anything they want. They have to believe in themselves and be persistent. Most people give up when it gets hard. When plan A doesn’t work, you go to plan B. You just never give up.

GHK: You tend to stay in constant motion. What’s next for your creative empire?

PD: I thrive most when I’m busy. We have some fun things in the works for Fallen Aristocrat, as well as a home and lifestyle brand expansion in the near future. So yeah … good stuff.