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In any other kitchen, you wouldn’t dare miss exquisite details like handmade, marine-green tiles situated on the diagonal, or a 14-foot-long island rich with veining. But inside this modern condo kitchen, you might just find yourself gazing at the sweeping views of Bull River instead — and that’s by design.

“I wanted to make sure the eye led toward the view,” says Ellsworth Design Build interior designer Anderson Resende, noting that the entire concept was based on the clients’ love of the marsh and “their deep-seated connections with nature.” Those tiles, for instance, were placed at a 45-degree angle aimed toward the marshland outside. Inspired by shrimp boats, a custom stainless steel leg at the end of the island was fashioned after the bow of a ship. Above, the chandelier casts a shimmering glow, reminiscent of sunlight on water.

Kitchens offer a natural place to congregate. With a view like this, guests will long to linger.