The Dogeared Corner: Irish Reads

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Nobody does Saint Patrick’s Day quite like Savannah. From the dyeing of the fountains to one of the longest parades in America, this town knows a thing or two about celebrating Irish heritage. To ensure your knowledge–and your good cheer–is up to scratch, check out these season-friendly books, all available at local Savannah bookstores.

Kids of all ages will enjoy Captain Savannah and the St. Patrick’s Day Mystery, a vibrant picture book. A girl named Savannah and her dog Mags must solve a mystery before the parade begins. Also check out Serenity for St. Patrick’s Day, an adventure centered around four friends in Savannah during the annual holiday.

Learn about the history of the Irish people in How The Irish Saved Civilization, from the monks who copied ancient manuscripts and protected the knowledge for centuries. The Story of the Irish Race explores folklore, traditions, art, literature and more from the Viking era to modern day. Follow the old roads through ancient Celtic sites of a complex civilization and how it inspired Tolkien in The Discovery of Middle Earth.

Get a glimpse into the past with Irish Savannah, a collection of historical photographs and anecdotes from Savannah’s Irish founding families. Locals will recognize the names of O’Connor, Sheehan, Kehoe and Fahey.

And speaking of the O’Connor family, a new biography investigates one of literature’s most enigmatic writers. Creating Flannery O’Connor sifts through her letters and documents from her publisher’s archives to assemble a sketch of the author’s early critical reception.

Fans will be given a true quirky Savannah experience on March 26, in Lafayette Square during the annual Flannery O’Connor birthday party and Local Author Day. From 1-4 p.m., visitors can mingle with authors and poets, listen to live music, take a free tour of the O’Connor Childhood Home, place a bet on chicken bingo, find some crazy vintage accessories, and take a photo with a guy in a gorilla suit. All are encouraged to show off their oddity and join in the kooky parade at 3 p.m. Local authors on hand include mystery writer Tina Whittle, published poet and director of “Southern Poetry Review” Tony Morris, columnist and author Jane Fishman and author Rodger Lyle Brown.


Available at E. Shaver Bookseller, 326 Bull Street

Captain Savannah and the St. Patrick’s Day Mystery by Emily Slusher (Author), Angela Kakabeeke (Author), Tara Garrigan (Illustrator) (Dalsego Group)

Serenity for St. Patrick’s Day by A. Dragonblood (AuthorHouse)

Irish in Savannah by Sheila Counihan Winders (Images of America Series)


Available at The Book Lady Bookstore, 6 E. Liberty Street

How The Irish Saved Civilization by Thomas Cahill (Anchor Books)

The Story of the Irish Race by Seumus MacManus (The Devin-Adair Company)

The Discovery of Middle Earth by Graham Robb (W.W. Norton and Company)

Creating Flannery O’Connor by Daniel Moran (University of Georgia Press)


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