Generation NEXT: Jackie Johnson

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This year’s Generation NEXT conversation began with a nod to community and ingenuity, harnessing the group of 20’s collective minds for a deeper discussion facing Savannah’s business community. Get to know our winners, also featured in our January/February 2017 New Frontiers issue, here.

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Director of Exports, Page International Inc.


Childhood dream: To be a psychiatrist.

Best piece of business advice: Own it. Whether it is a success or failure, make it yours and learn from it.

On giving back: I get a strong feeling of satisfaction from helping others. Whether it is through group donations or individual ones like Angel Tree, the happiness that I can impart to others in turn makes me happy. I also like to involve my children so that they can learn the joy of giving.

How Savannah can become the best version of itself: I would like to see more continuing education classes offered to those in all industries. I was lucky enough to attend a session that Georgia Tech provided on Millennials in the workplace and I found it especially helpful. As business and the workforce continue to change and evolve, we need to be prepared to change with them.

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